The Eternal SEO Backlink Strategy-How to do?

Are you looking for the formula that can help you to rank high in the Search Engines? Probably a method that Google loves? If yes, then don’t worry, I am here to help you out.

I have found a magic formula that can help you to optimize your website, not for 2018 but the upcoming years. Hold on, I know you may be thinking that it is some marketing tactic, but unfortunately, it is not. I am going to share the most effective link building strategy that will help you to boost rankings.

So, let’s have a look at different points that you need to take into account while looking for the best SEO backlink Strategy.

The Eternal SEO Strategy for Backlinks

Here is a list of things that you need to follow while working on the best and effective SEO strategy. This is what we do and ensure to do same in future.

  • Look at the competitors’ websites that are ranking amazingly.
  • You need to observe websites, what is going on, whether or not natural and what is behind the scenes.
  • You need to repeat the same strategy but in a very controlled manner.
  • Along with this, measure your results, make necessary changes, and repeat the process.

This is the most effective, natural and straightforward to apply SEO strategy that you can follow, and it will survive no matter what.

I always encourage people to follow those strategies that are currently working because you need to up-to-date your site with the latest trends.

The best way to follow up on everything without any confusion is to break down the different online strategies and then compare them with what is currently working outside.

So, this is a rough framework of what you should do regarding SEO strategy.

Now I would like to share the information about the content that Google loves, and why they love, and on what factors it ranks so high.

Well, according to Google, what is relevant and viral will be the best choice for the users. So, if you focus on this factor of up-to-date, fresh, and viral content, then Google will surely give importance to your website.

Why Virality is important in SEO Link Building?

You might be thinking why viral content wins in SEO Link Building? The reason is very simple. Virality is equal to important and current content and if there is current and updated content that’s mean Google will love to share it with its audience.

So, that is why Google always love to share results that are viral, and it has to explain this factor recently in their update.

So, the question is what happens when your content actually goes viral?

  • Original Post:

If you want someone to share your content, it is necessary for your content to be unique. Something like a cool video, graphic, or something like.

  • Early Influencer Shares:

Like a publisher share an excellent story and a publisher covers it and share it on social media, etc.

  • Middle-adopters spread: 

Content goes viral, and lots of people repost it.

  • Late but continuous dripping: 

After a successful initial burst, still some people are sharing content, giving responses and continue to drop out for weeks.

So, this is the overall scenario of what happens when content goes viral. Surely, if you are unique in your content, it will cover a huge audience, and people don’t hesitate to share something exciting, new, and up-to-date.

So, the whole logic behind this much explanation is if there will be enough signals indicating toward something going viral, Google will ultimately push such results in news feeds.

Sounds simple? Well, it is!

However, this is the overall strategy that we adopt for our backlinking process at our company. We don’t believe in magic’s, miracle, but we do actions, and this is what motivate us.

We induce Virality in your content distribution and make you assure of Virality every time no matters what. If someone asks us for services, we don’t put them on hold, hopes, and wait but we show the results.

Our Link Building Strategy

However, here is a whole break down process of our link Building Strategy:

  • The very first step that we take is we start with client’s site and analyze it.
  • Then we ask you for your special keywords and their URLs that you would like us to rank. Our content writing team creates a fantastic content strategy for those specific keywords to rank them high.
  • We then integrate our viral process simply by sharing your content on high-quality and authority websites just as WordPress, Tumblr, and many more. We choose these authority sites because they are top in our mimic pyramid.
  • Similar to the real world the responses that the blog articles have will be posted on the variety of properties including bookmarks, blogs and many more. However, here the main point is all these are linked back to the authority blog, and thus all the links that are created this are known as supporting links.
  • All this support linking initiates like a burst in the start, and then the whole process takes a slow road. In the leisurely trip, we link more articles with our top-notch posts for more than three weeks. This entire process of creating a sport and then linking the slow reacting articles to the main viral post is known as volume Module, and it creates popularity of the posts.
  • This supportive linking and blog linking process is something that is happening naturally every passing day on the internet. If you want this for your website, then you have to follow the same procedure as tailored by the internet and loved by Google.

Moreover, if you want some professional assistance in this regard, then all you have to do is to contact us, and we will do it for you most authentically and professionally possible.