SEO Tip Number 1

2016 SEO Tips

2016 SEO Tips

Go Responsive Friendly
Responsive website design is a must. Not only will you loose customers who are searching on a variety of devices like smartphones, tablets, lap and desktops. Mobile device search has surpassed desktop and laptop computers for searches, and has a higher impact on conversion in same day purchases. Website mobility is now a huge factor in Google ranking. Having a easy to navigate mobile website means making more conversion higher rankings, and creating more business. create a converting website with a great layout means more business. It’s 2016 and responsive site should be the first thing you do if not done already for better rankings and more business.

Do You Hear It?, Voice Search Has Come.

You though that responsive was a big trend for 2015, well it’s going to be voice search for 2016. That’s correct in 2016 we predict the demand for voice search will be the biggest and latest trend to make an impact on business. More people are using this feature on their smartphones to find services, locate a business, and products they are looking to purchase. Voice search to enables people to multi-task, and with the technology people are finding it is just faster and easier to speak. Voice search and SEO means that businesses have to optimize their “keywords” that were typed to “keyword phrases” to grab voice search consumers.


Name. Address, and Phone number(NAP) or entity search is a huge for search engine results pages (SERPs). This means that companies need to provide a detailed information in as many local directory sites and blogs as possible for the Search engines to verify where and who you are. NAP data must be the same information that appears within business listings to show search engine over and over again who and where you are. For example, if you search for Chinese Food, each result will probably provide you with NAP as well as pricing and reviews. This extra data improves search no matter what industry you serve, and this is important for a single location or a multi unit franchise SEO.

Local SEO and Better Customer Experience.

Your conversion rate or bounce rate depends on many factors from appearance to your story. Always remember that pictures tell and stories sell. So to have reviews built into pictures can be a very rewarding experience for your business. While you can’t control every person business you can be in total control of the customer experience from your website. With the business interface and the computer making sure you provide a great customers experience by 2020, you might never even get a call from a client saying they are mad or pissed off but you might feel the wrath online. This means that your social media marketing presence has to be concise and consistent, and monitored for the best in customer satisfaction.

How to Improve Your Local SEO?

We can not say this enough, content is king and backlinks are queen. Getting your name out there on as many as local blogs and directories is IMPORTANT. Using a company like ours to find these directories and blogs and to work through all the signups might be worth your while as we can do this from month to month for as little as $10 a month. We will do all manual links and drip feed the content into your site for a natural feel for the search engines

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