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The world of marketing in the modern day and age has been completely transformed than what it used to be just a little while ago. Developing a digital aspect of your marketing strategy is one of the most important parts of any advertising campaign and a key component of optimum online marketing for the purpose of drawing in maximum leads and increasing the conversion rate is the ideal landing page.

A targeted approach is what any business or brand needs in order to expand its reach and an effective landing page helps you to achieve exactly that. Fortunately, there are a number of online platforms and third party vendors that help you build the perfect landing page according to your business.

Let’s take a look at some of the best landing page builders currently available for use:

1. WIX
Wix might just be one of the landing page and website builders that you may have heard of the most. This popular platform has been around for more than a decade and has experience loads of success by allowing customers to utilize their platform and extensive tools to create their own websites according to their liking and requirements. It offers a variety of beautiful designs to select from, is as easy to use as such software can possibly be, and also helps you to improve on your SEO and produce eye catching online content.

Wix has a similar pricing plan to iimhub and is quite affordable and cost efficient in the long run as compared to some other, more expensive options.

2. SITE123
If you are someone who shies away from the prospect of using complex editors and feel like you would be lost at this entire building websites and online landing pages shenanigans, then Site123 is just the solution for you. Site123 aims to simplify the process down to the point that you will find yourself actually having fun as you design a landing page that SEO optimized and is destined to draw in more eyes and leads in the long run. It rids you of having to know anything about coding and programming at all and enables you to do everything through intuitive and creative tools over their extremely responsive platform.

GetResponse is one of those solutions that end up being the only thing you will need to keep your marketing campaign going. But the main focus for us here is their landing page builder. GetResponse allows you to sign up for free and utilize their extremely simplified and easy to use builder to customize and create your very own landing page. It offers a selection of attractive templates and allows you to make as many changes as you would like to make it personal. The templates are responsive on a multitude of devices and support the likes of popups, stickies, images, and videos to grab as much attention as you want. It also offers an A/B testing and analytics feature using which you can improve your pages based on real time insights.

For anyone who is looking for a minimalistic, simple, classy, and most importantly, free landing page builder, then Carrd is the place you should go to. Allowing you to utilize all of the platform’s features for free, Carrd enables users to create simple and neat, yet extremely responsive one page sites and landing pages. It also offers a Pro subscription for $9/month which opens up a host of exclusive features such as custom domains, form additions, and integration with Google Analytics.

Wishpond is a landing page builder and so much more on top of that. A relatively cheaper option that allows you to build an unlimited number of landing pages after you get a subscription as well as indulge in a multitude of other tools that the platform allows you to use for your creations. You can use it to create pop up pages, social material, online contests, and a bunch of other content. Wishpond does, however, limit you in terms of the number of leads you can generate per month based on your monthly subscription.

Unlimited landing pages, social contests and popups
Basic marketing automation features
Lower starting prices
Pricing based on number of leads, not features

Not a dedicated landing page tool
Limited customisation
Editor is pretty good, but nothing like Unbounce or Instapage

Weebly is also one of the most well received and frequently used landing page builders out there and the secret behind its success is the fact that it is always improving on the already existing tools and technologies it offers so as to enable its users to maximize their market advantage. It is super simple to use, ideal for a beginner who has little to no experience in this regard. On the other hand, its tools are innovative and extensive enough to keep advanced individuals satisfied. When it comes to their packages, the prices are divided into four groups. To begin with, you can use the editor for free but without a domain name and you will receive ads. Following are the Starter, Pro, Business, and Business Plus plans priced at $8, $12, $25, and $38 respectively.

If you would like to see just how well Ucraft works, then go ahead and give their website a visit as it has also been developed from the same website builder. The Ucraft website builder enables its users to access an extremely simple to use and easy to understand platform which can be used to develop extremely responsive websites and landing, funnel, and sales pages. The builder is as easy as they come in the market, keeping it neat and clean so that you do not get confused if you are just a beginner.

When talking about landing pages and it marketing funnels, if there is one name that you will find mentioned everywhere by everyone, it is Unbounce. This website builder has developed quite a bit of reputation among seasoned campaigners and those who have used it testify to its functionality and efficiency. Unbounce has been used by many major brands including the New York Times and New Balance, all of whom declared it to be one of the quickest and most effective landing page builders they have used. The drag and drop editor takes just a few minutes to get the hang of, the platform offers a host of creative templates for you to use, and also offers you to design and execute your very own personal temperate from scratch using their tools. Its easy integration with your email, business infrastructure, and other software also makes it a popular choice.

Fully featured
Great templates
Powerful, flexible editor
Best A/B testing options among these tools
Unbounce Convertibles (popups)

Not the cheapest option
Slight learning curve
Not a tool for beginners

Leadpages isn’t only a leader in regards to its name, but also in the reputation it has garnered in the marketing community over the years. It is amongst the very first few landing page creation and development platforms that were introduced to the market initially and has evolved with the changing times to adopt newer tools and technologies. Leadpages can be used to create landing pages as well as sales funnels very easily as it offers over 130 different templates at a very affordable price. If you are an experienced campaigner and prefer to work with a more feature filled solution, then Leadpages also harbours an advanced page editor. You also get a 14 day free trial before you start paying for your subscription so that you can decide if it is your cup of tea.

Low starting price (see cons)
Another great editor
Quality A/B testing and analytics feature

Not all templates are free
Limited customisation
A/B testing not available with cheapest package

10. LANDIGIlandingi squeeze page design builder
Ladigi is something of a dream come true as it gives you a number of different options to opt for depending on your requirements and situation for the given day. You can either use the editor to build a page yourself, browse through the given templates and choose one of your liking, or you could even get in touch with the Landigi support team and ask them to build one for you! While the editor itself is simple, packed with features, yet easy to use, you could just as easily get a fully made landing page by the experts at Landigi if you do not want to get your hands dirty. Landigi offers two packages: the more expensive one, at $49/month offers A/B testing and more integrations in addition to other features.

Unique design features
Unlimited landing pages, traffic, leads, domains and users
Solid editor
Basic automation features

A/B testing not available with cheapest package
Limited integration with cheapest package

If you are primarily looking to build a sales funnel that will help you draw in customers and employ a more well targeted marketing campaign, then you could use the help of the Instapage web editor. Chock full of features that an experienced individual will enjoy working with, Instapage is an extremely quick and efficient solution for landing page and funnel page creation. You can churn out a number of landing pages in just a few minutes, if you know what you are doing so it is perfect for you if you are on a time crunch. The editor follows a simple drag and drop format, making it easy and clean to operate as well.

Super-fast landing page creation
Great analytics reports
Powerful drag-and-drop editor
Good choice for beginners and experts

Not quite as powerful/flexible as Unbounce
No popup options
A/B testing not available with cheapest package

12. LANDERLander page builder review
This landing page solution, while not as feature furnished as some of the others in the list, offers something else in another regard. With Lander, you can customize the coding of your landing page and modify the template and its features down to the minutest details. Not only that, but you also get the ability to perform A/B testing. Lander offers three packages in terms of increasing price which, instead of correlating with increasing number of features, relates to the amount of traffic you will be generating through your campaign. For example, the cheapest plan, which is for $16/ month is ideal for businesses that wish to generate traffic of up to five thousand visitors. If you have a larger audience, then you might want to opt for a larger package.

Rock-bottom starting prices
A/B testing on all packages
Facebook landing pages
Custom code editing

Not the best editor
Not the most customisable option
Integration can be hit-and-miss

As opposed to just helping you create landing pages, Samcart focuses more on assisting you in building the most ideal online shopping carts and other digital pages including funnels, pop ups, as well as landing and sales pages. The editor is extremely easy to use as it keeps things simple and minimalistic so as to allow the most beginner of individuals to be able to utilise it to their advantage. It also offers a 14 day free trial before purchase so you can check it out before actually investing in it.

You may know Launchrock as a basic yet very useful website builder, but did you know that it also serves to create landing pages? With Launchrock, you get to create a very basic version of your landing page for absolutely no cost. The editor itself is easy and minimalistic, the speed is quite quick, and it also offers analytics services. As such, it is targeted more toward individual creators and very small scale businesses as opposed to larger companies who might be looking for more specific features.

It’s free
Super-fast builder
Promotion features

No A/B testing
Limited customisation
Only suitable for smaller businesses

10 Minute Funnels does exactly as its name suggests: it allows you to create funnel pages as well as landing pages and other professional websites and marketing systems in the matter of just a few minutes using their feature packed yet easy to navigate website editor and funnel builder. The integrative builder works on a drag and drop system, allowing you to to create an unlimited number of pages with little to no difficulty. The pages generated through 10 Minute Funnels are also guaranteed to be extremely responsive on all kinds of devices and interfaces.

Squarespace has been around the marketing sphere since a long time and the reason why it still remains relevant today in such rich and numerous competition is that it retains the quality of its services throughout. While it is relatively on the higher end of the spectrum for entrepreneurs and small scale business owners, it also offers an equally benefitting solution to your landing page issues. At $12/month, you get to choose from their extensive theme options, develop a responsive and feature packed landing page or website using their easy to understand editor, and integrate it with your blog if you would like to.

17. THRIVEd boasts some of the most extensive set of tools in its editor as compared to its competitors. It offers over 160 beautiful templates as part of its responsive, professionally designed, and convenient template set. It also allows you to integrate forms on the landing page, substitute in the relevant content, share it on their social media sites, and leverage the aid of the Thrive Headline Optimizer to generate more traffic drawing content, all in exchange for a one time fee of either $67 or $97, depending on whether you wish to design one or multiple sites respectively.

Compared to other software and online landing page builders, Ionos is one of the cheapest options you can go for, especially considering the degree of functions it still brings with the incredibly affordable subscription. Starting at a mere $7/month and going up to a $10/month Business Plan, Ionos features a host of templates that have been categorized based on the profession, field, or niche they belong to, making your job of searching for the optimum theme much easier than before. You also get a domain name as well as an email address as part of the subscription package.

Like Thrive, as mentioned just above, OptimizePress is also a WordPress plugin rather than an online editor, yet harbors a whole new world of facilitation when it comes to the development of landing and sales pages in particular. OptimizePress integrates really well with WordPress as well. It offers you to use a LiveEditor system which allows you to build custom pages and layouts. It also has an element browser using which you can search for and pick up the various features you wish your site or landing page to have in order to increase your conversion rate.



Cons:  It’s Too Popular and Now Generic
If for Webinar, its poor if doing more than one a week
Multiple funnel times with Actionetics
Membership Sites Even If. Not Being Paid By Members
You Can loose out on Revenues Even Thou Being Costly



21 DIVIDivi is a revolutionary WordPress theme and visual page builder for WordPress. With Divi, you can build your website visually. Add, arrange and design content and watch everything happen instantly right before your eyes. The speed is incredible, the interface is beautiful and the experience is pure magic.



Unlimited Landing pages, popups contests and referrals
A/B testing with all packages
Promotion features

Limited campaigns and visitors
Limited customisation
Limited integrations



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