Top 5 SEO Tips For 2016

5 SEO Tips for 2016

5 SEO Tips for 2016

Although there is still a need for optimizing a website, the search engine optimization (SEO) guidelines are changing.  Website owners and webmasters alike are exploring different ways to get better results from their websites. This search for improved results can be satisfied by following the top 5 SEO tips for 2016 to help businesses and organizations enhance their online content and get found:

#1 Relevancy of Keywords

There was once a time where a website that wanted to be positioned high in rank for being a digital product seller had to use the exact words “digital products seller” several times to get ranked. At present, you can put in words such as eBooks or videos and somehow the search engines pick up on it; however, this is not to say that you can’t the use the precise wording.

Another thing is that 75% of searches are somewhere around three to five words long. As such, it would be in your best interest to write headlines using the same amount of words.

#2 Length of Content

It’s a good idea to produce as much original content as possible; whether it is long-form content (1200-2000 words), images, or videos, just make sure it is quality content that people will actually read and share with others. Also, if you’re going to curate content (be sure to credit the source), don’t forget to add your own voice to it in the form of a paragraph or two. In other words, add your insight or understanding.

#3 Image Optimization

Having unique images on your site is valuable. With so many people using stock photos, it’s difficult to really stand out from the crowd. Although there is nothing wrong with using stock photos, if you are able to create your own images, by all means do so because it will be unique to you and pay off later on down the road.

#4 Social Media and Search
Content from social media networks (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) will eventually gain much more significance when it relates to search engine results page. For example, noted that 76% of marketers utilize social media networks to strengthen and improve their websites’ SEO.

The increase of using social media is due to shoppers heavily regarding them as a way to look up data on just about anything and, which businesses to patronize for purchases as well.

#5 Website Optimized For Mobile Search

With the increased use of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and similar mobile devices, it is important to ensure that your content is searchable, that Google is able to identify the content that is posted within a mobile app. Also, leveraging the advertising of the app with regard to search engine optimization, is a possibility on the buyer and business-to-business (B2B) marketing side.

Research shows that approximately 88% of mobile search ads clicks are incremental. In addition, mobile searches are converting to sales and nearly 80% of local searches on mobile devices turn into a purchase.

Continue to produce great content combined with adhering to the above Top 5 tips for SEO and you will be headed toward the top of Google’s first page.
Have some SEO tips of your own? Please share them in the comment section for all of us In Vancouver SEO Service Sector.


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