We all get these calls and emails from people claiming to be SEO experts who claim they can offer the best service for the least amount of money. We all know what you put into something equals what you are going to get out of something no matter what it is.

For me i have and do run other businesses other than the SEO company I.A.Marketing, therefore I too get these types of solicitations from such people.

10.000 Links Scam

To get to the point it is hard to really call it a scam because they are going to offer you a service in exchange for your money. But, what you get from these so called SEO companies that claim to use ethical techniques is something far from the truth and they go against Google’s terms of services. These techniques are software created and duplicated. Getting “10,000 backlinks” and impression may actually and usually do cause harm yo to your wabsite’s ranking and can get you black listed from Google. Once Google’ssearch engines figures out your links are artificial they repercussions are not worth the risk.

Email SEO Scam

I must get 2 – 10 of these a day. Yes, that many as we have 350= websites under our control. They usually say “Business Marketing Manager” and come from a @gmail account. Now what company in the Tech field uses a @gmail and not a company name like @industryarmymarketing.com, not a SEO company tat is for sure. Maybe you are more trusting than me and want and hope for the best deal on SEO in the world. Make sure to sak what the name of their company is, what it ranks for(and check it out) and go to a site like Alexa.com to see how popular their site is and what it gets found for. This can help weed out the rif raf.

SEO’s Claiming to be Google

I have been getting less of these calls as of late(maybe the same scammers stopped calling me as I call their bluff) but they start of with a very quick intro like high this is Google, we are here to help with your local rankings. Then I ask you are with Google? Yes we are Google certified? I reply, then you are not Google?…. I can tell you they for sure are playing on words and quick talk. Again the same advise as the list before, ask for their company name and so forth. NOW THAT BEING SAID, Google does actually phone companies now, but only through their Google My Business centre. They are checking map listings to see if they are correct if something does not appear obvious to them(I have had these calls).

SEO Expert Vancouver

We want to ensure you will get the best service and best SEO results when you work with us. We actually do offer a very cheap SEO package but it is through a Hub Marketing systems where your site is attached to one of our industry specific sites and you get the benefit of being the only company in your area with your services. To find out more about this very affordable SEO service contact Colin at 604-700-2495

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