Cross Linking

A strategy that is able to achieve high search engine results by leveraging multiple domains under your own company or persons. Google’s Search Engines value these links because they are relevant in content and industry. Related content makes for better link power and getting a better  page rank.

How Works Cross Linking Works

– The most common practiced strategies for cross linking are footer & sidebar links and in POST’S that create deep linking just like this one you are reading. If you put your content on subjects about your industry on post’s and link them back to your main site it is very good for your back-linking strategy.
When you build links to your money site (containing your keywords) from your other domain names this works well with the search engines especially if you create relevant rich content.

Cross linking these sites with related and relevant content industry targeted keywords will benefit your your money site as well as your sub-domains. Building Is Cross linking domains a good idea will get you the much coveted inbound links from a related site. But if you own multiple domains, then make sure that you do things in the right way to gain the maximum advantage.

Content Marketing Builds out side links

With unique content that is well researched will bring new visitors, after all this cross linking strategy is to bring actual users, just looking to speed up the process. Make sure sites are cross linked with outside websites or you probably will be penalized by the engines. No Spamming- Do not link between every page to your money site, and keep the number of links between your own sites to a minimum.

Anchor Text

Link your domains together with keyword good anchor text. This is important for the search engines. Cross linking for SEO and this is why I.A.Marketing has more than 400 domains to use for your SEO right now

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