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Back Links are links which give your site attention to the search engines and tell them what your site is about. More often than not these back links are better to be pointed to a particular page giving that user who might follow that link a direction to a page that is for the goods or services are pointing to. Good back link. This tells google Industry Army Marketing has a page to “What Is A Good Back Link

Mnay times you pay for a back link with a one-time payment. You will not need to pay again to keep them active. Industry Amry Marketing uses “permanent links”  designed as landing pages for lead generation for their clients in different industries..

The term permanent simply means that you pay for the links one time and the links will remain on the Internet for however long they remain on the Internet. Sometimes this can be a few years and sometimes this may only be a few weeks.

Now, you may be wondering, “Why would I want to pay for a link that may be on the Internet?” That is a good question. We ask you to consider things you may buy for use. Your company probably already subscribes to differnet trades organizations of which a link is given to your site as a membership. These links we provide are basically the same. As we put them on industry related sites creating magazines on line and position your company as a leader in your industry just like any organization site does.

Our permanent links are often cost fraction of the cost of other trades organizations. Our costs are very low because because they are typically spread between lower page rank and higher page ranks on blogs or websites.

So why would you want links on sites with little or no page rank? One major reason besides the reduced cost is that they look more natural to Google. If every single backlink linking to your website was a page rank 1 or higher this would look EXTREMELY unnatural.

You need a distribution of high PR links and also low or no PR links. Also, permanent links work well when you point them to your press releases or sites like YouTube.  Or building short term traffic boost. Also our permanent links are great foundational links for a brand new sites.

Becasue our Industry related sites are up and running the extra attention we can provide to yuor site will help give SEO authrity to your site in your area.

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