The Truth About Content Marketing

We all know ranking is the only thing that everyone desires for. But trust me, SEO is not as simple as it looks. Google on a daily basis changes the algorithms and policies. Most of the time we think that we have got command over everything but after a specific change, we left wondering what we are doing wrong.
But the only thing that never changes and you have been doing correctly from the beginning is blogging. No doubt one probably have millions of reasons to blog in which building trust among your clients, positioning yourself as the only professional and achieving targeted audience goal is highlighted ones. These all are the reasons that help you to boost your SEO rankings.
Today in this article, we are going to throw light on why blogging is essential for ranking and how it affects the overall performance. Here is a list of reasons why Blogging is necessary for ranking.


Most of the time people don’t give importance to blogging on SEO but trust me, SEO is not complete without blogging. There are many techniques in SEO that demands unique Blogging skills and here blogging raise eyebrows. Most of the people have the wrong perception about backlinking as they think Google hates it.
Like seriously, Building relationships online with other companies and blogs by including their links in content and ask for return is wrong? Not at all!
Backlinking is the most critical factor in SEO, and without it, 50% of SEO is incomplete. When it comes to backlinking, then only blogging plays its role to rank in the Search Engines. However, one thing is necessary to keep in mind that if you are being linked to others, make sure they use nofollow designation. Otherwise, you can be penalized for it. You need to link only with the high authority websites that fit your blog’s niche.
High-quality links from reputed sites will surely help you to rank high in search results.
Guest Posting:
Who said that guest posting is no more helpful? If you think so, then you are highly mistaken!
Guest Posting is still played an essential role in the SEO of your website. If you hire well-reputable writers who are the professionals in their field, then without a doubt, you can get ranking through their popularity.
However, if you want to rank through Guest Posting, then it is important to hire only qualified bloggers. Yes, you need to screen them before hiring because quality content is what matters and win for you.
If you are successful in a guest post, then without a doubt, you will get tremendous traffic, and it will boost your search engine rankings.
Unique and Fresh Content:
As we all know Search Engines like and promote unique and fresh content, however, let me ask you one question. How often you change your website’s existing content? Once in a month or never? Well, if never, then you need to think again.
If you want to get benefit from blogging, then you must keep a regular blog filled with the new information every week. The users daily use search engines to get the solution for their problems. If your site lacks useful information and latest solutions, then surely, Google will not promote you.
So keep your blog updated by add new relevant content to get the rankings. When it comes to blogging, then building relationships with your customers matter a lot.
Yes, this is the main reason why blogging is important for SEO. Whenever you add a new post on your website, it gives you an opportunity to use a new keyword in your content. As we all know how much it is important to use unique keywords in your content. But if you still think keyword stuffing can help you in ranking, then you are wrong. The days had gone when we used the tactics of adding keywords over and over, regardless of what they are offering or adding in the content.
Nowadays keyword using method has some other meanings. If you want to rank in search results, then you need to choose unique keywords. The searching techniques of people have got changed now. The use of long-tail keywords and phrases can help people to search your website as a solution. So stop focusing on keyword stuffing and always try to answer the users’ questions in your content with the help of long-tail keywords. This will help you to rank high in a more natural way.
We can’t deny the importance of popularity in the online world. Without having a prominent identity, no one can get success in this field. This is the point where blogging steps in. When you create blogs and share on social media platforms and clicked on, the consequences, they moved up in search results. This is the benefit of creating unique blogs.
The only way to connect with your audience is writing unique content that will help the users to connect with you positively.
The human psyche is very simple. If he/she likes something, instantly share with others to know. This psyche could be beneficial for you when it comes to successful blogging. You can create unique content and provide the best answers for visitors. If they find it useful, then surely share it with the others.
This helps you to increase your blog’s popularity and earn a massive audience with unique content.
Another way to increase your rankings in search engines is the use of high-quality images. Yes, people love to see images even more than reading articles. You can share images in your blogs and get an audience. You need to use images carefully for SEO purposes. You can do this by using the right keywords in the alt-text of the image. This is the option which helps you to describe what is your image is all about for those who fail to see image on their screen. So, the right use of alt-text is of very much importance.
By adding images to your blog, you can engage the audience with you. Always focus on two things while using the alt-text option, one is SEO and other is information.
Just like images, videos also play an essential role in the SEO. You can share your content in the form of videos with your users. As we all know users always search for the unique content that gives them information, so choose the videos wisely. They need to be useful and informative enough so that can engage the users at your website.
However, exclusive videos are always the best option. It is very much essential to use the tags in your videos before sharing it with your users. The reason is these tags work as a path to reach your video in search engines. You can use your keywords in the tags option and make it helpful for the audience to search you easily. The more users will visit the website, the more rank you will get. In the end, it’s all about ranking so why not do everything that can help to achieve it! Find a Videographer that will work with you for your next project.
Social Media:
Most of the people think that social media is useless when it comes to SEO because it never helps to get traffic without investing money. Well, those are highly mistaken!
Social Media is the most crucial part of SEO. It helps the users to search your websites and reach it. Yes, you believe it or not, Google rewards you and returns social media search results.
All you need is to connect your blog to various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others. Google will help the people to connect with you via these platforms.
As long as you use keywords while posting blogs on social media, it will help you to rank in search engines. Social Media is more powerful than anything else for SEO. So choose the best option for your blogging career.
Indexed Pages:
The game is simple, the more you index pages on Google, the more it helps you to get ranked. Every time you post, it counts as a new page on your site. As we have mentioned above, Google likes unique, new, and fresh content and in return Google rewards you, so this is the point where all these work.
Those users who run the Business site and add a business blog section, there are 55% of chances to get more traffic than those who don’t. That is why page indexing is essential. However, if you want to index the pages on Google, then you need to write 300 unique words. So, that’s mean you need to write fresh content and not duplicate one. Only this way you can achieve the right goal of SEO.
Final Words:
So now you have learned why blogging is essential for SEO, so now it is the time to work on it. You don’t need to be disappointed if you were of the different thoughts before reading this article. We have written this article for you, to motivate you so that you can achieve your goal. You need to adopt a systematic approach to what you need, how to start working on your plan.
If you stay motivated and determined, then this will help you to achieve your goals and sooner or later you will be able to see the results.
We wish you The Best Of Luck! Or contact us for help with your SEO Package.

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