What we can achieve when working with clients that see what we see. A vision of quality web sites and web design that work with today’s visual and technical standards.
We work with companies that work hard to get the same results with their clients. An honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.

There is a certain statement about Return On Investment and value to what you do in work, life and relationships.
Our price structure works on that principle.

Online Marketing Companies

Industry Army Marketing is making SEO service possible for the small to medium sized business that offers the Best Service to their Clients the same value we offer our clients to bring new and valued customers.
Our service works as a lead generation tool from our designed Landing Pages, to SEO services. We get the information about your company and its goods and or services. And we attach it to our “Hub” site. These hub sites are essentially magazines that gather information, product stories, and related industry products, and innovations. And we create rich SEO article and have the keywords anchor to your website.
Our clients help with articles from knowledgable business owners, staff, and representatives with valuable stories once a month(on the ten dollar SEO package). We then get it onto one of our hundreds of sites about the information shared with One business in one service area, making it an exclusive club.

Cheap SEO Service

Now that we see a common ground on “service” we want to service you the same way you do for your clients and give the best Return On Investment. This is what clients are looking for these days, and you understand what a dollar really is to a business because you run one.
Our SEO services are related to our price structure. Our beginner SEO Package is Ten dollars a month. This SEO service will bring a story from you, edited by us, (if needed) and loaded from an SEO expert on a relative site with you as the industry leader. If you want to leave it all in our hands we can work with you and an editor to find that story or product everyone is wanting to hear about or looking for. After we create an engaging article that people are looking for. An added service that cost just $20 more making it only $30 a month.

This SEO package is aimed at Start Ups ad small business owners that only need to offer a niche market product or service to a local area. Delivering a quality product or services to their clients will sustain retention amongst your clients. Keeping marketing cost down on these businesses works and the “Cheap SEO” service of between $10 and $30 a month is perfect for them.

SEO Package

The understanding is ” The more you put in the more you get out, and that works in all things in life.
Other companies and businesses need a little more and will work that much harder or invest more to get it. So we offer larger SEO Packages that gets even more involvement from Us, and You. I.A.Marketing needs your participation to dig for the best of the best in compelling articles about, the newest innovation, a success story, industry trends, and such things as testimonials about your business. Offering more information about you and or your business is the only way we can help offer the assistance to bring new clients from online marketing.

Added SEO

Off course we offer other services like Website Audits, Web Design, Content Writers, Graphic Designers, and even such things as complete business identity packages. business wants needs and desires to draw up a custom SEO package to fit those requirements. The figure above tells a story of the percentage of users who click on the first placed add shows the drop off down the line. What keywords you are targeting online and what are the rankings needed to achieve your top rankings. We will work with you to find your share in a small market, a large market, a competitive market, or a niche market. Then we will be able to determine a budget and requirements needed to match expectations. Lets find the Perfect SEO package for you and work out a strategy. ” Life is like a sandwich, the more you put in it the better it gets” is our MODO. Remember “You are the Only service provider in your region but will have an “Army” of contractors and service providers behind you.

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