Free Backlinks from Press Release Sites

The first thing you have to know is that most press release sites want an article that will be of 100% original content. Every site on the internet needs quality content that is fresh and can give the reader what they are asking for in terms of readable content.

If you can do this then most Press Release sites will also take your content and post it for free, yes and even some of the paid Press Release sites will also take your content to post it, but you will need to get thought to an editor that will post it for you.

Getting in on some relevant sites to the content is also important for creating Page Authority(PA) to the content given If you can do this then Google could pick up the content and post it on Google NEWS or have it sent out on Google Alerts. If you can achieve this then the content is sure to go viral. is a site that can distribute your content to other relative sites and will also give you dofollow links that can help generate PA to your site and the content. For more about getting free distribution of your original Press Release then contact us at Industry Army Marketing(IAM) or go straight to

From here IAM will tell you how to get my free Press Release article listed and distributed. Get free backlinks to any site with 100% Original content given.

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