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Know Whether Your SEO Efforts Would Reward You In The Future:
A report from Shareaholic states that the top 8 social networks drove 31.24% of overall traffic to various authority websites in December 2014.The trend has been gaining momentum since then. Today mobile apps for messaging and other services are able to get the customer attention with ease because the customer is using the smartphone more than his computer to access online content and services. Many SEO experts say that “SEO no longer works” but this article is going to speak against that.
Search traffic is long-term a long term affair and the effort you put on SEO will be seen for years to come.SEO will get more competitive in the future and the only way you can deal with the competition is to improve your SEO efforts with creative out of the box ideas. Doing so can help you get more shares on social media sites as well as bring more targeted traffic.

Where will New Clients Come From In Digital Media Media

Content discovery is not limited to web browsers, Anymore!
Mobile internet browsing is increasing rapidly because everyone is able to carry and use their mobile on the go. The Smartphone processors are getting more powerful and cheap day by day. These equipments can handle almost all graphically intensive applications with ease. Regular use of smart phones can also create habitual browsing and specific content consumption. Website owners are improving their mobile applications because they want to make available quality information with the best user experience possible. If you pay attention to the usage of social networks then you can see that social network messenger and WhatsApp are preferred by users than the actual online website. Indeed more than 70% of online referrals in the future will be user to user referrals. This won’t happen in the near future because average smart phone users download an average of almost zero new apps per month. It’s so because they do not want to delete their favorite applications to create the space and resource for installing the new applications. Application developers call this as App fatigue. Luckily Google has developed a way to stream app content directly from their cloud servers without the need for user to install the app. This way the user can use the app without installing it.
To compact app fatigue app developers are integrating their bots within messaging apps so that the user can directly access the services of the apps within the bot framework itself. Take the example of we chat. The users of Wechat can book cabs, play games and make hotel reservations from the app itself. Facebook ,Kik messengers will soon have these type of interfaces.
Final Verdict: -Yes messaging apps may replace the search engine by making services directly available to the user,so that he or she need not search for that services through search engines.
What About Back links.

Yes back links play a major role in increasing your search rankings, but goggle also use other factors to rank a website. These factors help goggle determine whether the website is worthy of being in a particular ranking spot or not. Webmasters who are into black hat link building can help reach their wafer thin and rewritten content websites to rank high in the search engines. Google now uses panda algorithm o check content quality and penguin algorithm to check the back link quality to devaluate such websites. Google will keep on bring in new algorithms to deal with such SEO malpractices in the future.

However contextually relevant link building is the key to the future of back linking. Matt Cutts also says that the links will become much less important once goggle starts understanding the actual language. Now at that time in the future goggle may start to see outbound links like a real user who is searching for answers related to his problems. Since google is able to read what is written it able to understand whether the solution is helping the customer or not. Remember this, goggle being a search engine can cross reference users browsing habits for that particular keyword to find the ideal answers (related webpages) that solve the problems and rank accordingly.

Links From Authority websites that bring referral traffic to your website is the key ..
Yes, the referral links would play a major role in the future of traffic to your website. If you are writing a guest post to an authority website in your niche, then you would receive traffic and link juice form that website for years to come. Such types of links are of immense value. In the future too google is able to distinguish the links from paid links and give higher priority to them.
The main problem is…
Visitors never check out every outbound link on a webpage.
A good example is posting a link to your article on a sub-reddit related to your niche. Not everyone who is subscribed to that sub-reddit will click your link and read the article form your website. You can buy upvote services to bump up you links reach but still the effect of the up votes would fade away with a month or so. Each natural upvotes would bring you 2-3 visitors to your website. Remember to post something of value than mere advertising of your content.

You can always ask for a back link from a webmasters resources page, who is an expert in your niche. That single back link in the right place can get you traffic for years to come. Make sure that you cut some deal with the blogger. These types of back links will bring link juices that can increase your sites page rank. An excellent way to bring backlinks from a popular blogger’s website is to write guest post for his website. If the blogger is writing about loose fat exercise and you are selling lose weight ebook that focus on low fat meals, then write an article about the foods that can be taken along with the exercises the author is teaching his following. I would dig deep and find out the pages that have the most number of likes in the popular bloggers website and write an article related to the topic and link back to my website. This way you can ensure that the future readers will check out your new links.

Traditional media and industry publications can still be used for increasing exposure. The industry publications should be seen like endorsements and the value of endorsements will always be there and you can always use that in the future. You can use that on your advertisement too like “As seen on “.I hope you got the point.

Website user experience

If you want to build a long-term online business then you need to rely on customer retention. You need to provide content and services to your customers so that they would keep on visiting your site in the future. No customer will visit a website again if it does not meet their expectation. You need to optimize your website for mobile users too because they are in search for information on the go. If your website is not optimized for website traffic and when these visitors visit your site , and the webpage loads slowly then you have lost a customer forever.

If possible hire a professional copy writer who can write call for action articles. Hiring design professionals can help you create elegant website themes. These types of things can reap great dividends in the long run. I usually use the following 3 metric to check the end user satisfaction for my website.
1. On-Page Time – The more time the user spends on a page the better. You can make out an approximate time required to read an article and compare it with your on-page time and see if your readers are interested in what you have to offer. If you have awesome content then the readers would stick around to read additional posts on your website too.

2. Bounce Rate – Bounce rate can be pointed to the dissatisfaction index of your page. Higher bounce rate shows that your webpage is not satisfying the user needs. Google uses this score in their search rankings.
3. Click-Through-Rate (CTR) – Your title and meta -descriptions need to be persuasive for searches to visit you website. Try to using Yoast SEO plugin and change your meta -descriptions and titles today itself and see the results.
You can access these 3 metrics by logging into your google analytics account.

Social Media would be the next search engine.

Facebook is currently receiving 2 billion searches every single day and a majority of these searches are for hash tags related to a particular content.
Search engines results will highlight social content in the near future. Social and search will be combined to give personalized search results in the future. Google is also providing answers to user questions and google is using its knowledge graph to provide rich media content for your queries.
In the future the social media giants do not want to lose their traffic to external websites and will show the full content from the website on their page itself like instant articles on Facebook.You need to find out ways to create your own personalized offerings of content to keep up with that kind of systems. Changing the same content to multiple media formats and getting exposure from multiple social sites would also require out of the box thinking.
Personalized Content Delivery is going to take center stage

Content with the help of voice-activated personal assistants will become more relevant in the future. These type of systems focus on your search history and the context of your search. Semantics or meaning of the words will also be important.

Focus on content and use referral link building from authority websites.
Personalize the content of your website for your readers.
Use out of the box thinking to build up your brand on multiple search platforms.
Always adapt with the changes in technology instead of rebelling against it. And remember to keep honest with the work you and Google and your clients/readers will love you! And keep coming back to our blog for useful tips on SEO Services.

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