Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph and Local Search

Knowledge Graph and Local Search

Google wants to give the very best and most accurate search results to it’s users and Knowledge Graph is just that perfect way to bring all the Algorithm’s together giving information with the right way. When you search for “famous athlete’s”, there photographs will appear at the top of the Knowledge Graph result.

On searching for “Peyton Manning”, a short biography along with his pictures, teams played for, and accolation’s will come on the right side of the search. These types of search results on Knowledge Graph will vary on the types of search is done. Factors such as your location and results from your Google+ account also influence the results provided by Knowledge Graph.

Let’s see how Knowledge Graph works:

How to use Knowledge Graph

Use entity keywords for content marketing not so much keywords as done in the recent past. Google is looking at you like an “Entity” and not a keyword.

Knowledge Graph is an “entity” recognition search system, re-think of your keywords as entities. For example, you are an entity; A business is an entity. The city you live in is an entity, as is the model of car you drive. Think of “entity as people, places, or things! If you will not use keywords in your descriptions, it will be difficult for Google’s Search Engine to connect your website page to specific search queries.

Using Schema Markups

It is the quickest and most effective way to let Knowledge Graph show your results in graph box. If you have used Rich snippets then you are on the right track for on page mark-up. google rich snippets They are the extra bits of text that appear in The markup option is available for hundreds of entities on the website. Google may not feature Knowledge Graph data for every schema markup you have mentioned but no matter what you should get into best practice when constructing your web pages.

Optimizing for Google+ pages

Knowledge Graph draws most of its information from Google+, so make sure your Google+ page is optimized, it will have give you an advantage. You should share information related to your business Name, Address, Phone Number(NAP) for search results.

Customer reviews

Reviews is one of the most common results on Knowledge Graph. Google relies on the review text for creating graph displays in search as well as map search results. Detailed reviews
are not only good for Google+ but they also give you fresh content without writing anything extra.

Wikipedia is the most obvious source of data on Knowledge Graph. Contribute to Wikipedia by sharing reliable, accurate, and helpful information.

At the end, remember that Knowledge Graph is more about building your webpages correctly along with the “Big G” in mind

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