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It is a well known fact that without clients there is no business, but every day it becomes more difficult to obtain and retain them. Why?

Customers are changing their consumption habits and are no longer easily influenced by traditional lead generation techniques.

However, many businesses are still obsessed with the old tactics and blindly trust them although they find it difficult to measure their effectiveness, but since they are actions that they can see and touch, they continue to apply them.

On the other hand, there are businesses that are applying improved and efficient lead generation tactics which are gaining the maximum advantage of the internet, to achieve incredible results, reinventing the rules of the game.

Like many marketers, you may be wondering, which of the most possible lead generation strategies is most effective.

But marketing is constantly evolving, which means that new tactics are constantly emerging. Trends are continually changing, which is also true for buyer behavior. By regularly keeping you up-to-date on the latest innovations and technologies, you can optimize your sales tunnel to generate more leads.

However, beware: Many marketing professionals spend a great deal of time and resources developing tactics that ultimately turn out to be inappropriate.

It is therefore important to bet from the start on a winning strategy, that is to say adapted to your target audience and which will help you to aim higher and higher!

Here are efficient lead generation tactics to help you

  • Establish the profile of your target audienceLead Generation Growth Hacks

    Lead Generation Growth Hacks

    5 Ways To Hack Your Business Growth

User behavior is evolving at the same rate as technological innovations. That’s why it’s best to study your target audience and create effective personas to learn how to better exploit the weak points as the strengths of your potential buyers.

About these, ask yourself:

  • What are their goals?
  • What issues are they facing?
  • What are they willing to invest to solve them?
  • What are their needs in terms of quality and quantity?

The secret of a successful lead generation strategy? Do not just answer these questions once and for all. On the contrary, ask them regularly: you will see that the answers will evolve over time and that the time may have come to offer innovative products or special promotions to your customers forever.

  • Blogging

While some argue that blogs do not add value but that is not true. It is safe to say that a company and / or organization that does not have a blog, is certainly dead. When you use the blog appropriately and combine it with a social media and SEO strategy, each blog post becomes a perpetual asset generating traffic and leads.

But the most important thing is that the blog allows you to position yourself as the experts in your business. When a potential client starts to explore an inbound path, your blog will provide the answers to their questions and give them  the context to address it better.

    • Build a social community

Going the internet revolution

With Facebook having billions of registered users, it would be absurd not to take advantage of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Simply having a presence on these sites and interaction with followers can have a very positive impact on the business.

However building a community, does not mean just to win fans, it is something much further; called “engagement”, that is, people share and comment, in other words, participate.

Definitely, building a healthy community of enthusiastic consumers and fans of your brand does not happen overnight. This requires a serious strategy that is created more than anything by listening to customers, rather than imposing things.

Here are 4 tips to motivate your community to share positive experiences on social networks:

  • Listen carefully to what they talk about your brand.
  • Find that shared passion and build a dialogue around.
  • Create content that leads to an experience that keeps them engaged, participate and make them come back for more.
  • Build trust: Address issues and controversies openly and transparently.
  • Use Influencer

An influencer is a person who has the ability to influence their community.

But, why use them?

  • They can help you get your message with greater credibility.
  • Use it with a link between your brand and the community.
  • Generate a much richer brand experience.
  • Promote more credible recommendations.

Using this technique is recommended especially for launching products or services, launching a brand, promoting a product or service, and events.

There are even technological platforms like Fluvip , which automate the process of connecting brands with the most relevant influencers in the world in multiple channels.

  • Video Content for Lead Generation

According to eMarketer, the average time spent watching digital videos increased from 6 minutes in 2010 to 55 minutes in 2014 in the United States, revealing a growing preference of consumers for content in video format. This is because the video offers the opportunity to create moments that entertain and educate, increasing its authenticity for the viewer. In fact, a report by Unruly found that enjoying a video increases the purchase intention by 97% and the association with the brand by 139% .

The king of content is YouTube. If your plan is to incorporate video content marketing into your lead generation tactics, it is important that you make sure that you are following the following guidelines to achieve optimal success:

  • Identify the objectives

Whatever you want to achieve from your videos, take the time to define the objectives. It is only through defining the objectives that you can accurately measure if your content marketing strategy in video format has been successful. It is necessary to determine how you will know if you have really succeeded. For example, are you going to define success by the number of times the video is viewed? Or, are you going to measure success based on the number of actions the video receives?

  • Define the relevant audience

To make sure the video is successful; develop the marketing strategy thinking about the audience you want to call attention to.

  • Includes “Calls to action”

There are lots of videos with many views, but they fail to produce the desired results because they do not include a call to action. Think about what people want to do when they finish watching the video. In order to achieve the greatest impact, a call to action must be included in both a visual and audible form.

  • Distribute the video intelligently

Promote your videos through multiple channels, and make sure your videos are optimized for mobile viewing, as more and more users now watch videos from their mobile devices.

Video consumption in the coming years will represent 69% of Internet traffic. If this opportunity is used to provide consumers with more information without being invasive, it has an enormous possibility to engage.

  • Join SMS and emails in your campaigns

What is emailing for? Not only to keep in touch with your audience, but also to build a relationship with your leads. And while it is true that not all users frequently check their emails but all users read their SMS. Indeed, 95% of messages sent by SMS are read less than three minutes after being sent. Feel free to use this channel for your campaigns.

  • Expand your Lead Generation marketing campaigns

For your marketing campaigns, test different strategies. Unify and develop your tactics through different lead generation channels.

However, even if you take multiple ways to make yourself heard, remember:

  • to affirm the unique personality of your brand;
  • Make consistent choices, consistent with your brand philosophy.

In other words, multiply the ways to make yourself known, but while providing a consistent picture of your business … It is essential to build the trust of your audience!

  • Create quality content

Today, on the internet, everything is history of contents. Try to be consistent in your publications. Not only will you gain credibility as an expert, but your rank will grow in the search engines and you will gain more credibility.

Be careful though: do not create content just to create content. Strive to provide valuable texts to your target audience.

By publishing valuable content that informs, educates and entertain, you will gain the loyalty of your leads. But it will be easier to convert once you have gained their trust.

  • Refine your SEO strategy

How, your website is not yet in the first pages of Google?

Only 10% of users go beyond the very first pages of results during an online search, hence the importance for your site to access the first ranks.

Today, SEO is both a matter of relevance and authority. To climb the ladder, increasing your traffic will not be enough. You will also need to tell more about your company and products to assert your authority in your field.

  • Think mobile first

Nowadays, mobile devices are always faster and more efficient. That’s why Smartphone and tablets have become the PCs of most users. It is high time that you adapt to this new state of affairs, by launching a version of your site for mobile. If it’s already done, make sure:

  • your pages have a suitable design
  • they promote immediate action by the user.
  • Participate in offline events

Being visible online is not enough. Your customers see you on the web, of course, but they must also see you physically!

Participating in offline events such as trade shows or fairs can help you generate leads from areas of interest hitherto unheard of for you.

Some companies, especially older and larger ones, should not be content with the web to get in touch with their partners and customers. They need to be able to associate a face with a name and trust a “real” person. There are always ways for businesses to get disrupted by technology, do you thing the Hotel industry seen AirBnB coming. Being ahead of the marketing curve can help with steady growth to adapt to the future, and Lead Generation is the key to online success.

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