Using SEO Keywords As A Strategic Approach To Your Online Marketing In 2016

Google ranks pages in terms of page rank and search term competitiveness. Typically, pages with high page ranks have high traffic flow into the website. The more competing websites for a particular search term, the harder it is to get your website on the front page of Google. That’s why it is important to utilize a SEO keyword strategic approach in 2016.
Optimizing your web site or website’s content so that others are able to easily locate your site is something all online marketers’ want. It is basically the art of getting your page found on the largest search engine in the world – Google. But, as marketers, we must challenge ourselves to go beyond the old ways of optimizing keywords. Why? Because Google’s algorithms are changing and becoming more complicated.
Even as the focus of SEO advertising are moving away from search terms in 2016, they are nonetheless a component of an all-inclusive strategy. As such, 39% of business marketers note that keyword research is one of their biggest projects in website optimization.
Below you will find a few simple ways to use search engine optimization (SEO) keywords as a purposeful approach to optimizing your content.

SEO Marketers Plan

Make sure that you perform actual hands-on searches for the specific questions you have in mind. As such, a complete evaluation of the search experience should strive for obtaining answers for users to the following issues:
• Is a quick answer available?
• Is the answer thorough?
• Could an image or video answer the question?
By searching for keywords or terms you’re concerned about, take into account the layouts or presentations of the search outcomes in order to develop a perception of conducting that particular search, such as:
• A graphic markup or schema
• Enhanced search results or knowledge graph
• Advertisements you pay for or paid ads (e.g., pay per click (PPC), paid to click (PTC), etc.
• Using more than one medium of expression (multimedia)
Test The Search Process
Don’t just throw some words out there and expect for people to automatically come across your website. Put yourself in the shoes of your prospects. For example, the same way you search for items or information is no different from others, as such, you should put in your keywords and see where they lead you. Does it lead to the content you’re seeking? Was it difficult to find? Do you like what you see? With this in mind, website pages that are positioned higher in rank, generally have the greatest vibrant content, highlighting the number of people sharing their content, videos, high quality and in-depth writings, and images.
Final Words on SEO Marketing
With all things going on in cyber world, Google’s algorithm changes remains one area that will most certainly have search engine optimization specialists staying on top of their profession. Even so, SEO is currently concerned mostly about making your website useful to those who visit and not about how you can trick Google’s ranking systems.
What does this all mean? As a marketer, it’s important to understand the mindset of your audience. In other words, what is the user’s search intent? If you are able to walk in your potential customer’s shoes, you’ll find more than just Key Words to get a sense of how they are thinking, but you can come up with a more contextual meaning and by doing so, your keyword strategy would be geared towards it. If you would like our SEO Services please feel free to ask any questions.
If you have some additional strategies on how keywords are being used 2016, please share in the comment section.

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