3 Keys to Local Search Rankings

Even Google say’s it very clearly and it is Relevance, Distance, and Prominence!

Relevance: Relevance is how well a local listing matches what someone is searching for. Lets take this as a good Canadian would. If you were to type in Local Hockey Team you would get different results where you are. In Vancouver you will see a roster of the Vancouver Canucks, a team business listing and images. So make sure you fill out the images on your pages and post’s and your Google+ page. And fill out your Google My Business, it’s a free service.

Distance and Google Search

If you are searching for a fish and chips restaurant Google is not going to make you drive to Seattle to find a good one. So making sure you are well situated with your local citations and your Name Address and Phone number are listed in as many local sites, blogs, and directories. Now here is a stickler for me, even some associations are beneficial to search results and rankings, but Google say’s paid listings are bad…. just throwing it out there. We know some paid listing are even better than others because it takes money and time to make anything relevant and good.

Prominence and Search

Prominence describes how well-known a business or location is. Some places are more prominent in the offline world, and Google tries to reflect this in local ranking. For instance looking for a ski mountain from Vancouver could give you a number of search results. Some are great pictures of local and not to distant mountains, another part is map listings of mountains close and just a few hours away, and near the top of the list is a company with a list of all the mountains around and different packages to them. This site is more or less a directory that all these mountains have information on(probably paid) and might have value added to the information to the site owner for marketing these results.

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SEO Expert Vancouver

SEO Expert Vancouver

se 3 Tips to Better Local Search

So the long and the short of it is build more pages with great local content and get more traffic. As a SEO company in Vancouver we know all the sites in the local market and keep an eye out for those to come. SEO in Vancouver is competitive so in fact what we have done is make some of these popular sites ourselves so we can help with local link building like no other SEO company in Vancouver. Try us out for a fraction of the price of other SEO’S

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