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What is Hub Sites Marketing and How to Use It!

The SEO Industry is a tricky place to get the right information about how to market your business online, until now. We know the SEO Industry is in the shake up all the time and people and business owners are learning more and more about how to rank their businesses to the top of Google searches. So lets get into it even deeper with the use of Hub Sites!

Here is a quick intro into the top way to make your business rank and how a company like ours can help you considerably in improving your rankings.

I trust you watched the video above and learned that what we do is build Industry specific Hub Sites. Now with our clients to help contribute in and gain from the enormous amounts or information, articles, videos, and pictures that surround an industry like yours. These ‘Hub Sites” work as a SEO Industry all in itself with the help of all our clients/contributors.

SEO Industry Using Hub Sites

We take one client in each Industry and combine them with the strength of many others around the world but never in a competing Geo Graphical area.
With all the work that goes into each SEO Industry site the benefits help small to medium sized companies rank in the areas they serve. It really is the entry into a market that can bring success or failure.
Creating and using backlinks from industry specific sites helps gain page authority. Using sites that are well read and keep up to date are also beneficial in your backlink strategy. Fresh content on a site brings new traffic and helps in SERP’s. So why not use a SEO Industry Hub Site to your advantage?

Harvard Business Backs Hub Sites

When you read the article mentioned you will see the similarities of how a small business can gain competitive advantage using the force of many in your online marketing strategy such as Industry Army Marketing delivers with it’s “Hub Marketing Systems”. For as little as $10 a month you can also join an industry hub. Yes, pleople ask how can we run a SEO campaign for just $10 a month. It’s simple we work with all our clients within each industry and ask you to help with supplying content and information each and every month, and in may cases there are 600 or more spots within the “Hub” so really we are doing the SEO for $6000 a month, but charge you only $10 a month for the area you serve.
Brand identification creates a barrier by forcing entrants to spend heavily to overcome customer loyalty. Advertising, customer service, being first in the industry, and product differences are among the factors fostering brand identification. Read more about the effects of marketing in an industry. Harvard Business Article.

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