Hummingbird SEO Algorithm is geared toward ‘Conversational Search’ to assist in bringing more relevant results to those that enter questions such as “Where is the closest pizza place?”

We make sures the geolocation tags could gain a small amount of importance, but the standard SEO practices still apply overall: Quality original content, image alts should be clear and concise for screen readers, Headings should be properly ordered, and keyword density should be between 2 and 3%.

Optimizing for potential answers to peoples questions will be key. I think also that having an equivalent of Public relations for the web will be important for companies.This is to reduce negative search queries which could potentially effect business and PR.

Hummingbird Algorithm is designed so searches will rank sites that match the entire query more highly than sites that only employ the use of only several words in the query. We believe that when its time to optimize a website make sure the Hummingbird Algorithm would hit it more often using such practices. We would analyze what phrases are most often typed and creating a successful hit on our website rather than just specific words that in that query that is producing the hit.

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