To increase your website traffic you must add content each and every week at minimum. With high quality relevant information that has keyword consistant written into each and every article. Google, even with its changing criteria has always put a high value on new, excellent reader relevant content on websites.

If you are not a major website player and do not have a very large budget don’t expect to get top ratings for general keyword phrases. A tight primary and secondary niche with appropriate keyword phrases will get you the farthest.

One SEO website expert who does what he preaches built a few well chosen half dozen websites for the sole intention of building them up for ongoing residual income stated that it took over 50 pages of relevant, well written content on his websites before he truly got a decent amount of traffic. He then noticed another major jump in traffic and conversions when he hit 200 articles, again well written and informative( The stuff people like to share). He got another amazing jump by the time he hit 800 articles per website.

These well written articles must be keyword phrase optimized, highly targeted to the needs of the target niche chosen, and not be duplicates of other articles found elsewhere in other websites. Although he speaks of jumps in traffic and conversions, there was a continuum of improvements along the way … and he wrote at the pace of about one or two new articles per week per website without fail.

What we are trying to get across is that it is a lot of hard work to get such positions, but truly worth it. So no matter if it is your site or your clients site make sure due diligence is the number one factor in getting raking and keeping SEO authority.

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