Our SEO content writerse will write a highly relevant, full-length article with back-links embedded from your chosen keywords. These articles are from $20 an article or get a book of 10 for just $175. Then Industry Army Marketing will find the best sites to publish your articles and do all the work to guarantee it gets posted and pointed to your site.

We create your blog post
Our team of professional SEO content writers will create a custom article that is either about your products or services. We can also find new innovative products that help your company look like the go to source for new information in your industry. This will help you look like the industry leader. With back-links from your chosen keywords in these great articles your company keeps looking better and better.

We publish your post
We publish your SEO friendly articles to blogs and websites, relevant to your business, to generate back-links that increase your keyword rankings. These articles help put more eyes on your company that building your brand and your web presence.

Google is Your Friend

Once your web friendly content has been published on the relevant sites we let Google do the rest. Google will add it to their search results raising your rank for your keywords and result with your site getting more visitors and customers.

Watch your SEO Authority go up

Now, when someone does a search for your keywords and finds you on anyone of the site that get traffic in your relevant industry. Google raises your rank accordingly especially when these viewers click on the link to your site.

We Do the SEO Work

With out fail we’ll maintain your article listings and their keyword back-links for as long as you are with Industry Army Marketing. We also keep detailed records of exactly what we do for you each and every month.

We want you as our client because when you join each and everyone of our customers get more visibility. Remember it’s an Army mentality, you are the only one in your area, but have an army of service providers just like you to help join in on the internet battle ground

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