Landing pages allow you to display specific and focused content that is tailored to attract a potential lead and convert them into a permanent subscriber, buyer, or customer. In this age of advanced digital marketing where, in order to stay relevant and on top of your competition in your respective field, you must come up with innovative marketing tools and strategies, expertly designed landing pages can prove to be an incredibly handy tool which can drive sales and build your brand.

Before 2011, creating landing pages and customising them to suit one’s own business was a tedious and complicated process that could only be handled by seasoned coders and programmers who knew their way around coding and web page designing. The advent of landing page software, however, has completely changed front end website development and has made it so that marketers can easily create web pages and landing pages without the need to immerse themselves in the world of coding and website designing and still be able to come up with customised pages that are integrative, look professional, are responsive, and are able to drive the growth of the brand.

If you are looking for a landing page software solution that is as easy and simple to use as WordPress and yet allows you to create extremely personalised and tailored landing pages that are embellished with a host of various trinkets and features, then Instapage is the ideal choice for you.

What stands out is the extremely simple to negotiate drag and drop interface which can be easily manipulated regardless of whether or not you have experience in website or web page designing. But do not let the simplicity and straightforwardness of the interface fool you, because Instapage is chock full of a diverse set of features that will ensure that you do not need to turn to any other service or application to spruce up your landing page.

To begin with, Instapage offers you over 200 unique templates to choose from. If you want to further customise your webpage so that it may look like an extension of your existing website, you can further edit it in a variety of aspects to suit your web design, including adding images, videos, and buttons, various logos and links that lead to your social media accounts and pages, forms and entry fields that can help you to secure leads and facilitate conversions, timers and icons, or basically any other trinket that you might feel is essential for your landing page.

Apart from allowing you to customise your landing page down to the greatest degree, Instapage also allows you to analyse its performance and the rate of conversions as well as visitor interaction with your web page so that you can modify it accordingly in the future. A/B performance tests aside, you can also use Instapage Heatmaps to track the activity and behaviour of your page visitors and determine what features extract the most interaction and lead conversions.

The only downside of the platform maybe that you need to search for and upload the desired shapes and images on your own basis as Instapage does not have the largest built in collection for these elements.

Unlike Unbounce, Leadpages offers an unlimited amount of pages that can be created through a platform that is mobile friendly, integrative, and boasts a simple drag and drop interface that harbors a huge collection of templates that are designed for specific requirements of various niches. One of the unique features of Leadpages is that it offers two different editors- one for beginners, and the other which is a more advanced version and gives the user a greater ability to edit the elements of the landing page.

The features that Unbounce offers are pretty much similar to Instapage. It is a drag and drop interface using which you can add images, videos, text, audios, social media links, and a number of other elements to your landing page. One of the primary features that makes Unbounce stand out from other software is its dynamic text replacement for PPC campaigns as well as its thorough integration with WordPress.

Instead of helping you create separate landing pages, Clickfunnels actually facilitates you to build a number of different marketing funnels which can basically be defined as a series of landing pages a visitor on your website would go through in order to achieve the goal for which the funnel has been created. Clickfunnels spells out the various steps and pages you need to go through to build your funnel which may contain sales pages, email autoresponders, and forms among other features. If you find the platform to be a bit complicated to use, you can refer to the plethora of free tutorials that simplify the process.

Gives you everything else the other provide but also has high quality domains and extensions made to optimize for Google Search. With the power of hundreds on the same site to get more content and better reach no other platform offers what IIMHUB does. With full SEO offered on each and every page these platforms will out compete for Google search results. They will also offer link connection through members area, and content creators in relative niches. This platform will let you build JV pages, funnel systems, and anything you want in design.

At the end of the day, it completely depends on your personal needs and the requirements of your business as to which landing page software you choose to use to create your very own customised landing page. The ultimate goal is to make sure that you achieve maximum conversions through the landing page regardless of what platform you use to create it.

When selecting the landing page software for your business, make sure that you consider the several factors which will be impacted by this decision. For example, you need to ask yourself if you are willing to dedicate a good part of your budget in this regard or if you want to go for the more cost effective solution. Do you want a solution that will just get the job done or an all inclusive one that will give you additional facilities such as email marketing? Hope this has helped in finding out what’s the best page builder is!

Taking these factors into consideration will allow you to make the ideal choice for your business and marketing strategy so that you can create the landing page of your greatest marketing dreams. Check out how the IIMHUB gives you the best in lead generation and online marketing all in one. Learn how to make 6 figure ifast

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