What is the SEO Keyword Tool?

The Keyword is a word that people type on the google search box to get information about something. To grow your business, find right keyword for which have maximum searches on the web is tricky. To find the right keyword for your business or services, different online and offline tools are available which are called Search Engine optimization keyword tool. There are many free tools available which we can use to find the keywords, but Google Keyword Planner is the best free tool.

How Does Keyword Tool Work?

Keyword Tool is a free tool that works using Google autocomplete predictions to generate keywords having maximum searches. The purpose of using Google autocomplete is to speed up the google searches. Google autocomplete work by different factors in which the continuous searching pattern for some terms by users is the highlighted one. Keyword tool only uses the Google keyword suggestions and present them in a user-friendly interface. A specific google domain and language can choose to use the keyword tool.

What Special about keyword tool?

750+ keywords can be generated from Google autocomplete in seconds using a free version of the keyword tool and in the case of the paid version of keyword tool provides almost two times more keywords than the free version. Keyword tool is used to keywords for search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, content writing and other activities.
There are many keyword tools to find the keywords, but one of the best keyword tools is Google keyword planner.

Mostly the data is used for paid advertising which is presented by the Google Keyword Planner. It might be possible that the keywords you get from this keyword planner would be more generic and no-descriptive. The keywords generated by google planner can be used for SEO, blogging and or content writing.

The keywords that we generate are the keywords that people usually type on google. Google autocomplete are the suggestions that we get on google when we start typing something in the google search box. This is the best feature of Google that it shows the most relevant keywords in the google search box. Google says about the autocomplete suggestions that:

“An algorithm is used to generate autocompleted predictions without using any human involvement. The algorithm works on a key factor that how many times different users did searches for a term.”

Keyword Tool: best for the Hidden Keywords

Sometimes keywords remain hidden in google keyword planner which can be found by keyword tool. It is not possible to use keyword planner without having an account on AdWords account. The reason is that the keyword planner is created for advertising purpose, it is not supposed to use for content writing or Search Engine Optimization. Keyword planner provided very useful information about keywords such as average searches, competition and suggested bid rate, etc.

On the other hand, it hides long keywords having thousands of searches that can be used for content creation and article writing. Some professionals say that the searches kept hidden to increase the cost per click and competition. So keyword tool is better than Google Keyword Planner for Search engine optimization and content marketing because it does not hide words that are needed to write content for blogs or a website.

Benefits Of Using The Keyword Tool

Let’s find some benefits of the keyword tool:
• Free keyword tool provides the facility to generate more than 750 predictions against each term
• Keyword tool is more reliable than other Keyword tools or Keyword Planner
• Keyword Tool is completely free; you do not even need to create an account

Keyword Tool for Content Writing And Search Engine Optimization
If you are struggling for traffic on your website or a blog, you have to use relevant and right keywords in your content. It means you should use those keywords that your targeted audience are already using to search for same services or products online. Discover right keywords that are closely related to your business or services using keyword tool or a keyword planner.

When you use right keywords and target your right audience, your website start getting more traffic on because when the audience search for that term, your site appears, and as a result, it gets more views to google rewards your website with the higher ranking than before.

Keyword Tool for International Search Engine Optimization
For SEO, when you need a keyword in a different language, you can choose the best feature of keyword tool as it allows you to use different 83 languages and 192 domains to generate keyword predictions. You have a choice to choose the language and the country which audience you are going to target for SEO. Keyword tool API and Keyword tool pro completely support all languages and Google domains, it also provides with the exact search volume, AdWords competition and cost per click.

Keyword Tool For paid Advertising
If you are digital marketing or having a plan to run pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign, choose best and right keyword to your business or services that your targeted audience is already typing in google. Right, and the relevant keywords that you will use in your ads will help in reaching more and right audience to your blog or website. As you spend money on advertising, how much money are you going to spend on Google ads all depends upon your right keywords.

When your ad reaches to the right audience, it will result in higher click rate (CTR), high conversation rate and low cost per click rate and a result you will have to spend less money for paid advertising, and you will get your business to the next level.

Industry Army Marketing
Industry Army Marketing uses Keyword Tool and some other tools to find the best competitors keywords. Along with that, we help businesses to check the strength of the competitors’ backlinks. So giving a full spectrum of tools to have the best SEO results.
1, Google AdWords: Keyword Planner
2. Keywordstool

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