SEO marketing for local search results is now one of the top buzz words to hit the Web. Nothing can be more important to Brick & Mortar, or a Click & Order business. Yes, I said that right, getting into local search results can be one of the biggest advantages an online business can do when taping into SEO. Being part of the local community can really boost sales for services f.or your e-commerce business.

Most Searches are coming from mobile devices today, and Google places as well as Google Organic search will automatically display localized content mixed with other results on first page. As much as 82% of all people begin their purchasing process with online research first for the products and services that they need/want, and 80% of North Americans have cell phone. There are ways to make even a straight up online business the show up with local results but it takes time and strategy to ensure that your business will show up in the searches.

The purpose of this blog post is to show you exactly how to bring this all together. Effective use of Google My Business(GMB), Google Maps and even in Google Plus combined together almost guarantee that when people search for your business name that they you will have multiple spots on the front page. In fact when you use your Twitter, Google Trends, Wikipedia, Youtube, and other social media and relevant shopping profiles like Itunes, Ebay in conjunction with a good SEO campaign you will dominate the front page. Remember your competitors are also using your Business Name to gain your clients too, so make sure you own the front page. Make sure Industry Army Marketing’s SEO services help you keep your business on top.

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