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Local search is a special search process using specialized Internet search engines allowing users to search something within a definite constrained geographical location. Local search is also seeking info online to make offline transactions (like “tech center atm denver”.
A local search not only provides the content that users are seeking, like keywords, business categories etc. but also the location of these content like geographic location, street address, postal code etc.
Various geo-location techniques are used to match visitor’s queries, however their sources of info return with varying results for varying local search. Local searches are of several types. Like:

Private label local search

Local media companies like newspaper publishers and local television broadcasters have added local search to their sites to generate traffic and popularity and revenues.
Social local search
These types includes local search that incorporate social signals. Explore to Yellow pages was the first site to implement this, where Facebook likes as signals to increase list rankings.

Business owners and Local Search

Electronic publishers using local search, who would want information like their names, phone number, addresses, business description, website and business hours to appear on local search engines have several options. The most consistent way to comprise precise local business information is to claim business listings through Google’s, Bings’s, or Yahoo!’s respective local business centers.

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