How to Add a Rel=”Publisher” Tag for Linking to your Google+ Business Page.

SEO Expert Vancouver

SEO Expert Vancouver

Google Publisher markup (rel=publisher) is for your site as a whole. The rel=publisher tag creates the link between your Google+ business page and your website and if done right, the result is a little green check mark that lets people who visit your Google+ business page know that it’s an verified page representative of your brand.

The good part about using the rel=publisher is that it shows up on the right side of the search screen. It contains a lot more information about your brand (e.g., images, hours of operation, phone numbers, and number of likes for your business, etc.). This display of your business information is due in part to Google’s Knowledge Graph, which is collected from your website. This only occurs if you have a Google+ local listing though.
Even if your business isn’t locally listed, the box still displays the name of your business, your recent Google+ posts, and your tagline and the data comes from your Google+ profile as well. You can also view who is looking at your content and fellow Google+ users can follow your brand.
Rel=Publisher Benefits
Although there may seem to be a somewhat subtle recognized value that rel=publisher provides a website, currently, its biggest impact is that when branded search requests are made in Google, the Knowledge Graph for that request should show a widget for that trademark’s matching Google+ page that includes the following:
• Google+ page name
• The number of people following that page
• Previous page revision date and at what time
• When users are logged in they are given an opportunity to follow your page
The steps needed to link rel=publisher to your Google+ profile are shown in the screenshot below:

Once you are finished completing the above steps, you should then access Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool, input your Uniform Resource Locator (URL), and then click the button labeled “Preview.” Once you’ve completed these steps the Google+ Business Page link in the Publisher verification area should be viewable.
No need to panic if you don’t see your Google+ profile or summary show up when you input your brand. Sometimes it could take a few days before it shows up.
Final Words
Remember, the Google+ rel=publisher is a segment of Knowledge Graph that permits the Google search engine to more rapidly locate data in relation to an individual company’s website and/or product. You should place the rel=publisher tag in the header () part of your website. If you own a business make sure you connect your Google+ page to your website. This will let you connect to your current shoppers and would-be buyers, as well as make available to Google meaningful information to aid in verifying the significance of your page to a user’s search query. While there are many ways to help boost your website’s search engine optimization position along with your site’s rank in search outcomes, applying the Google+ rel=publisher identifier is an easy pathway to help improve your website’s optimization. And most important of all, it’s free! Ask about this or any other SEO Vancouver question we are happy to help.

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