RSS, Links, & Traffic

The referrer string is an online tool, which can be used on the Internet to trace items that led the visitor to their current location. With the referrer strings, websites can tell where their traffic is being generated, providing answers to questions such as,
•    Which sites or links, etc., brought visitors to our site?
•    Which of our contents, most likely led to certain kinds of actions?
•    Which page did the users visit where they clicked on our link to buy a product?

Its useful and beneficial role in SEO is due to the fact that, people will usually want to check and know where their traffic is being generated and hence will be directed to your website whenever they check their analytics. This technique has however, been used by spammers who use it for referral spamming. It also doesn’t work anymore especially when the traffic pops up as an HTTPS site rather than HTTP, denying all forms of access to the referrer data.

RSS, Rich Site Summary, is an internet format tool used for the delivery of regularly changing web content. It is recommended mainly for sites that change contents fairly quickly, a news website, a blog with a lot of new content, maybe even a shop that has lots of new content, by which means they can relay their contents as an RSS Feed to whoever has subscribed for it. The number of sites with the RSS feeds feature is increasing rapidly and big names like Yahoo News is included.

On the part of web users, RSS solves a problem for people who regularly use the web by allowing them to easily be informed of the latest contents from the sites of interest. A lot of time is saved by not having to visit each site individually.

Concerning SEO, RSS feed contents do not directly contribute to a much better ranking; but rather, they can increase traffic to ones site or blog-post, generated as a result of your site being the place to go for extra information. The more time a user spends at a site, the higher it will rank too, because Google keeps track of all the metrics and uses them to track sites based on how much they appeal to the people who visit them. When you want to know more about the latest in the SEO Industry just keep coming back here for more tips and tricks.

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