The Truth About SEO Industry.

People in the SEO industry might tell you that you need to know a lot about coding, structure of websites, and all the jargon that is said in the SEO industry.
I have to say it’s anything but the truth, most people can do a lot to get their sites ranking. What we want you to know is once you start to rank you might need a company to help you manage all that goes into keeping you there. Backlinks, content, and more backlinks and again more fersh content.

Can a Business Owner Help With SEO

YES of course, you know your industry better than a guy that knows what he knows. If there is a new product line or something you find that works for your clients tell the world about it. Write it down and create content on this subject. The SEO Industry specialist will find a great place to have that put(on a blog) and point it back with the right keyword phrase giving you the Push it deserves for creating the content. Of course you will also take that content and add pictures and dive deeper into the subject on your site with a “Rel=author” to it so you get the most benefit from Google.

Are Backlinks Important?

You Bet they Are! What you really want is backlinks from active sites that are in the same realm as you are. Having peers talk about you or your product is the same as if it is in real life circles. Think of backlinks as voting shares. The more votes you have from your peers the better. Of course the better the link(from a great site) the better it is. What about all the talk about BAD link, my theory is don’t go out and get 20000 links for $10 bucks, but if they were really all that BAD why not be Evil and do a Bad link campaign on your competitors? Just a thought(no we will not do this for you…lol)

Optimizing for Search Engines

Of Course you should! But make sure your content, titles, and meta descriptions sound like they would if you are reading a published book, yeah beyond grade school level. Again I am going to go back to content, if you have a lot to say write a couple of posts as most people want to get the basics and be gone. If they like what you are putting into your site they will bookmark it and keep coming back to hear your story. This gives you an advantage of capturing any page titles and descriptions for better rankings. Make sure your site has a theme to it so that your audience does not loose your message the next time they come back

SEO Industry Promises

Can a SEO Company give you a promised date on results? Yes, why not. A good SEO company should know how to judge a industry, keyword competition, and know how to approach your industry and find ways to work the system in your favor. Targeting keywords and phrases with Industry Army Marketing and our over 300 domains has advantages in building better links and faster indexing which is to your advantage. Having these Hub sites is an advantage over most other SEO’s, but most other SEO companies should still be able to evaluate the space and have past experience in letting clients know how long it should take to beat the competitors ahead of you.

Google Algorithms Changing Your Ranking

On this last note I still want to call BS! Yes of course there are always changes being made, but if you are developing a great site that is rich in content, has industry links, and is well optimized from On-Page SEO then you should always rank. What it might mean is your competitors are doing a little more than you to stay on top, or get to the top on your expense.

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