Many may think that the SEO industry and shared economy are just buzzwords or something people use for the sake of using. Well in reality, it’s more than just a couple of catch phrases; they are changing how businesses do business, how bloggers blog, the SEO industry with outsourced SEO niche selections, and how article writing is still a huge thing that people use to build links. And none of this appears to be going away anytime soon and in reality is growing exponentially.
Digital platform developments have produced more reliance on the Internet than ever before. This isn’t necessarily a faulty concept, but it brings with it a shared economy (content sharing, SEO Gig Sharing). Meaning, that businesses create a deal where individuals are allowed to segment goods/services, rather than having individual ownership. Another example is making it easy for consumers to sell goods and services on eBay.
Here you will find several ways in which SEO is still a factor with article writing, guest posting, citations, and other outsourced SEO niche selections that get used in a shared economy.
Article Writing
Search engines are actually paying attention to what is being shared across the Internet. As such, content amplification or content marketing is a common occurrence for online promotion. As a matter of fact, local search engine optimization favors it by 22 percent.
Still, content marketers should not make a special effort to build links that point back to your site. Why? Oftentimes, this type of content is poorly written because its whole purpose is to gain a link. Don’t get me wrong, content is written to gain links but not at the expense of publishing words just to fill up space. You want to provide value to your audience.
Guest Posting
Seven percent of the experts surveyed, revealed that they make use of guest posting or blogging for links. Today guest blogging is a common place way of obtaining good links. It should be noted that guest posting as a whole is GREAT for link building. But poorly written posts are not so good, and can cause you to lose your site’s ranking. In other words, don’t just guest post for the sake of getting links back to your site.
Citations & SEO
Citation building is a benefit to those companies that use it. For example, citations are viewed significantly by 55 percent of local experts especially when the citations give an accurate listing of a business. This might be the reason that citations are seen by 31 percent of local experts as a necessary link building tactic as well.
If you are using citations for link building, you must be more discerning about the sites on which you are listed on.
Other Link Building Strategies
Broken link building:
• Is only used by 1 percent of the SEOs polled, is actually a low risk strategy.
• Several ‘broken’ links can be found around the web which link to sites that are not being used, no longer seen, or visited.
• These present the opportunity to approach webmasters with an appropriate alternate linkage (i.e. yours), which resolves the issue for them, and provides a linking boost for you.
Competitor links:
• Eight percent of the experts polled copies the competition’s connections.
• This is a simple enough task, helped by the dozens of online devices that give you an opportunity to check out your competitor’s links.
• As such, they are more than likely to have a highly optimized site as well as an effective backlink profile with relevant links from authoritative sites.
• By using the above methods, it will help your website to be able to close the gap at a much quicker rate.
Have some other ideas about the SEO industry and shared economy? Let us know in the comments section below.

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