Branding VS Marketing

What is the difference between a branding company and a marketing company?

Have you ever heard of the Coke bottle marketing test? You could go anywhere in the world and see a smashed Coke bottle on the ground and just from the fragments know it’s a Coke bottle.

You know this Brand. Marketing is when you are looking to purchase something and find a brand you like to buy it from. The old days the Phone book was that place to find your goods and services, today it’s Google or Bing.

Branding is a long term commitment to make your logo noticeable from pst a few words or a symbol. Yes sometimes people might buy from branding. For instance your business is advertised on a site to something closely related to your demographic and they stumble upon your logo and click and purchase something.

Or you put your company in a trade show witch could actually be both(branding and marketing) and some people might buy something and other notice your brand and might purchase down the road.

Hub Marketing Brands and Markets for You

We look at all of our Websites as branding and marketing tools. We take your info and place it on a non competing industry website and brand your company to those interested in a relevant topic. For instance a Mover and a Realtor, a Realtor and a Mortgage Broker/Loans Officer, a designer and a contractor.

Our Hub sites help you Brand and could also work as a Marketing tool for you. None the less when you sign up to our platforms you will get both branding and marketing at the same time. This is why we are the leaders in the SEO Industry and online Branding and marketing company

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