SEO trends in 2019- Quite a Subjective Topic to Talk about These Days!

Especially when you see the “big G” is rolling out so many updates, you can’t precisely mark the territories that mark the spectrum of a perfect web page in the eyes of Google with these 2019 SEO tips.
Did I say, “web page”? Yes, because Google itself admits that they are ranking web pages, not the websites hosted on particular domains. So in 2019, what are the general trends that are prevailing and will prevail in the future? Well, here are some of the talk of the town that is buzzing around!
UX- The lingua franca of SEO in 2019:
This appears to be a very big statement but let me justify this with a question. Do you think that Analytics Data is just there only to be used by the webmasters? Or is it that Google can’t possibly have a better system of tracking user engagements on a specific page?
Well, the way it has put your mouths in awe, UX is going to be the core driving SEO trend in 2019. The better your site is set up for the readers to read and move around, the better user engagement signals and of course why would Google not like to push a piece of content up to the ladder that works great for everyone!
So the actionable tip is- keep it simple, fast and easy to navigate.
CTR- The next step to move up:
Just as user experience and engagement are monitored on the web page, click through rate (CTR) is measured at the Google’s SERPs page. However, this CTR determines how agreed and attracted are the users to the web page that is enlisted in the SERPs. Now if you have a SERP result that has a greater number of conversions turning into organic clicks, it means you are doing great.
Moreover, the actionable tip is- add schema to make sure your SERPs are colourful.
The Position ‘0’ should be your goal!
Yes, the featured snippet is where every individual wants to be. They aren’t easy to get, but the presence of the result in featured snippet guarantees for more clicks and conversions on the whole. This is why it is super important that you try to dominate this position.
The actionable tip is- write content that provides answers or solutions to common problems about the subject topic.
Make the reader dive in your in-depth content:
Take it, or no, the way content is structured effects SEO by a relatively normal figure. On the other hand, the way users perceive your content effects SEO strategies that leverage on fulfilling the intent of the keyword. So if you want to rank well in 2019, you need to make sure that your web page offers all the information a normal person can need.
The actionable tip is – break down the content into various categories on a single page with a Table of Contents plugin to see how good they work!
Mobiles are the new bosses!
There has been a huge debate on how SEO strategies differ by the type of device you target among the users. However, it doesn’t mean that only a good score on SEO for mobile will help you. Your main aim should be to try to develop your website in a way that suits all platforms and devices as the same. But now since Google has been talking a lot about AMP and mobile-first indexing, you have to make sure that your websites should load the fastest time and in the most efficient manner.
The actionable strategy is to use a lightweight theme that has a simple structure that allows you to load the website within no time. Now when there is such an emphasis, buy yourself a good gift. 😊
The video is the new future!
Yes, it is very obvious that videos are going to be the more important part of SEO where people can get a lot of knowledge with just a single click! With such a huge platform, YouTube allows you to develop one of the best videos and then share in your circle. So, one thing is clear that you have to put a lot of meaningful videos related to your content from now.
The actionable tip is to add as many videos that can be relevant
Voice Search: You need to say it once!
We all know from day one that sooner or later voice search is going to be the deciding factors for SEO. This is why you need to make sure that your website is structured in a way that generates leads for you to work on. Another point can be that both the sites should have flawless on page SEO. This is the only way to compete in this huge and fastest growing environment of competition.
The actionable tip can be keeping the content simple enough that it includes nearly all the common language words that could present a better solution to the user.
8. Links can still change the game all over!
You might be thinking that if such progressive content can alone rank higher by an effective strategy, links are by no means required.
I am really against focusing on this trend alone since it restricts the person’s ability to rank by other ranking strategies in practice. But Moz is just another tool that can help you track everything when it comes to DA and PA.
Whichever domain you like, Moz will give you a detailed audit on how a website is building links and how you can leverage on the same link building opportunities as your competitor.
The actionable tip is to start a very standard guest post outreach program that will get you high-quality niche relevant backlinks only from very quality sites.
Such a process, when it works for long enough, ensures that your web page increases in authority and is ranked higher.
Artificial Intelligence and SEO:
In my very personal opinion, this two phenomenon will go hand in hand in the days to come. However, they would be an opportunity to the ones who understand the vector nature of all significant SEO factors, and we are looking forward to hearing from them!
Similarly, SEO has paired itself with the concepts like Machine learning and NLP which has given better information to the webmasters to start using them in their way. However, the advent of AI in SEO means that the check and balances on the accounts and job requirements will be observed and one would require quite a lot of research before entering the SEO market.
The actionable strategy will be to keep track of all the major algorithm changes in the past alongside the above patents of Google that hint something new coming up.
Or rather, see which patents were recently filed or updated by Google to predict what it is up to in the light of the latest AI tools. Google Datacenter can be the right place to start with such data.
E-A-T – (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) is the way forward.
This is by far all that is going to be in SEO in 2019. Therefore mastering the E-A-T program and cooperating with my colleagues can be the only way if I want to get myself ranked in 2019.
To get a rough idea of how E-A-T content is written, you need to read various blogs and articles to do it without errors. Rest everyone is doing just the same these days!
E-A-T is about Expertness, Authoritative and the trustworthiness that your blog possess in the eyes of Google. It can all come from various trust and relevancy metrics that are closely monitored by Google to see which blogs are authoritative in their true sense.
Actionable strategy for E-A-T content can be hiring the best writers in your niches that have an experience of writing content that ranks well as well as converts.
Such a content, when executed well enough, backed with a thorough link building campaign will give you a lot of authoritativeness and will increase the trust score of your website on the whole.
Strategy is important!

SEO Tips in 2019, it is going to be very dynamic, and this is why we all need to be sure of our strategies before we apply them. The best way is to lay the foundations of our strategy by data that is collected through various tools. This will more or less make your web page strong enough to compete somehow. If you want to start without proper strategy, then I’m sorry it is not going to work for you.
Talking of an actionable strategy for SEO in 2019, keep it simple and make it look natural. Or let’s put it like this. If you are doing something that an SEO expert will normally do, stop doing it as Google isn’t in love with job descriptions of SEO at all!

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