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Why IAM over all the other SEO companies you have tried in the past?

Many claim to be SEO specialist and with the trend and algorithms changing it might be possible to get great results here or there and then all of a sudden drop from the Search Engine Results Pages(SERPs). Or you poured your heart and soul into the process to learn they process wasn’t made clear for both parties?

The Top factors to find the right SEO in Vancouver. Here our list of 21 things to keep in mind.

1.Find out about the SEO’s that will be working on your project. Make sure your SEO’s have a formula for success even if they use help from over seas.

3. Does their team have long term SEO strategies that have worked over time with different algorithms.

5. Do they have writers that can get great and engaging articles regularly, that will fit your company culture, your industry? Great SEO’s have teams of writers producing great content.

7. Conversion

Every visitor on your site is a potential customer so, to make that a reality you can set up ready-to-use blog pages, feedback pages, product pages, and informational pages to suit new content. Doing it yourself means no need to go back to the web guy or SEO every time you develop a new blog or product page.

9. Many SEOs talk about local SEO but there are new trends coming that will not only help you in your local market but also make your content stronger using industry related backlinks and content.

11. Remember when there were grey whales in False Creek? It took less than 5 minutes for Google to change the search from

13. Going to Seth Godin if it was a Purple Cow it would be spread and find its way to the top of the search engines in a flash.

15. A great portion of SEO is being able to listen, listen to the clients, listen to the consumer, and listen to trends that are happening on many levels.

17. Other factors that put us ahead is our teams’ extensive programming expertise and design experience from capture to convert. Combining these abilities truly sets us apart from other SEOs in Vancouver and elsewhere because we have analyzed the SEO industry and put together platforms that can separate you rom the cloud in your industry in your community.

19. Let us audit your site and your social impact so we can and will help you understand the path to SEO success. Your business will go in the right direction really quickly with our SEO processes. What should SEO Cost in Vancouver?

21. Should you invest in an SEO Consultation service? Getting expert advice is always knowledge. An SEO will give you perspectives online and offline and bring ideas to help build your brand. Start with a consultation of your digital marketing, from where you will know the value of investing in SEO.

What is the difference between an SEO consultation and an SEO audit?

MYTH. If you outsource your SEO It will be inferior to what you are getting form an SEO firm based in Vancouver. IAM has business partners from all over the world; yes, we are based in Metro Vancouver, but we have searched out the best talent from all over the world to bring you an all inclusive package.

2. Get examples of keywords they have gotten to the top of searches. And make sure these include a list of keywords that are not just GeoGraphically targeted.

4. Ask about their SEO Strategy that might include your industry. How are their SEO’s going to help you rank higher in Vancouver, across the country, or even internationally?

6. Not all SEO’s have a Social Media Presence, some companies use other social media partners. Are the SEO’s you are looking at develop any social media platforms to leverage your content exclusively?

8. How innovative is the SEO team you are about to hire?

We always say we do what every other SEO company does but we do more. We have hundreds and hundreds of our own products that can and will leverage ranking your content quicker and easier. Check for an explainer video on the process.


In this answer I am going to tell you some Vancouver SEO facts then you can decide for yourself about your industry.

12. Vancouver to pictures of the Grey Whales in False Creek. So, If in your industry you had something that was so new, so brilliant that it was getting shared and searched for so rapidly how long would it take?

14. What makes IAM the Right Vancouver SEO Specialist for You? We pride ourself in being a specialist for 3 main reasons.

16. Having an SEO expert that also has real life experience in and around many different business owners can translate into sales for you. We think that your SEO should also be your offline sale person. Ask your potential SEO clients have they ever gotten any sales from offline from their SEO consultant? Because we do that for our clients on a regular basis.

18. We have SEO packages that will fit your budget, and use our expertise that no other SEO company can do in Vancouver or anywhere else. We have developed our SEO platforms for almost 10 years, have hundreds of thousands invested into them so that you can find the right marketing stream of keywords and portals so you can enjoy your life and take care of your business.

20. Again, we would not only like to teach you how to do a lot of your own SEO but we also want to help you with the whole process. We can teach you on-page SEO so you can take further control of your own site. We can also teach you some off page SEO. Check out our video Learn Lead Generation where we show you how to take charge of getting leads through digital marketing. Making an educated decision and taking action of your own destiny is the key to SEO digital Marketing Success. We firmly believe you should know how to do at least half of the SEO. You know your business better than anyone, you now what makes you money, and how you can serve your clients better. This all means success for your business. Let us go through a process that makes you a first page superstar in your industry.

The quality of work that is done in-house or from another country does not matter to you. Yes, we use local people to write content that is engaging and has a local feel because of the localization of its writers but for the absolute best content it is often advisable to combine local and foreign writers to acquire the right talent. Example, Vancouver Canucks hiring only local players, would they be competitive?

Another reason why we keep everything in-house is that our team has to meet our clients periodically to make sure the project is moving smoothly and successfully. Rest assured, working with IAM you are in very safe hands.

What is the difference between an Off-shore SEO and a Local SEO? What should we invest in?

At I.AM we charge a $250 consultation fee for a half hour in-person session. If you decide to use us, that fee is taken off the first billing cycle.CWhen you implement our process and do what you learn from our session and follow-ups you will get your return on your investment within a few weeks. If you implement our entire process and go for a commitment using your staff and using us as your Vancouver SEO consultant and process you will undoubtedly get outstanding results really really quickly. Think Purple Cow and be remarkable.

There is no guarantee in life but life is also like a sandwich, the more you put into it the better it will be. This is for sure the SEO strategy. Your profitability is your probability of success. We will show you results almost daily after the first month, a money back Guarantee.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged securely at the point of contact. This way we are both committed to the process. Here’s to success for us all!

Vancouver SEO Company 

By sending highly qualified organic traffic to your site

Most  SEO agencies have it wrong! Most other SEOs focus on Web traffic, but that doesn’t mean your making Money. Our SEO Garuantee is aimed  at ROI and performance, we are  an agency geared to turn $1 into $3. Below are the services we are renowned for.


trafic generation

When looking to get customers from your SEO Traffic from Organic Searches is most important for generating High Quality Leads



If your traffic is from those in “Hunt Mode” for your Goods or Services you have a higher conversion rate for a better ROI which helps bounce rate


Targeted leads

We send clients that are interested in your inductry and are Geotargeted so you actually get mire paying clients



We turn potential clients into paying clients through SEO and clickable rich content messages sent to your visitors devices with a website or a web app

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