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Social media continues to be a fertile ground for business specifically for marketing. To ignore social networking sites is suicide. According to a recent study Facebook is still leading the pack with more than 70% of the total internet users visiting and using the site. LinkedIn is in distant second with more than 20% and third is Twitter with just less than 20%.
Although well loved by netizens, it seems like investing money, time, and effort for marketing in Twitter is futile. Why not do it on Facebook where most people are?
Each social networking site offers different features. Therefore, you have to consider and assess these features against your marketing needs along with other factors.
In your Facebook: It is the best social networking site for establishing an online presence. It has different features that allow optimum interaction. When it comes to having a strong online presence, engagement is king. This is precisely why it is frequently used as a channel for customer service. When handled properly, customer issues can actually turn to advertisement of your business’ exemplary customer service and utmost concern to your customer’s satisfaction.
LinkedIn Park. LinkedIn is filled with professionals with specific purposes and goals in mind. This is advantageous for forming B2B ties as well as job-related concerns. Elite language skills and professional interactions will earn you popularity among its users. Although not as frequently used as Facebook, it makes it easier to send the right message to the right people.
Twitters Time. With an active feed, users get updated about different fields of interest in real time. They can easily see what’s trending globally as well as locally. This is a fertile platform for businesses with the young ones as their target market. Supply relevant information and updates for the unquenchable information thirst of twitter users.
What’s Up with Twitter?
While at the bottom of the top three, it could still be fatal for businesses to ignore Twitter. For marketing, one of the issues that are considered as hindrances to getting messages across the target market is the video length. Videos on Twitter can only be as long as thirty seconds. Exceeding seconds are then cut off. Both business owners and content creators are excited for this change. This change is expected to open up a whole new world of opportunities for publishers and for Twitter users.
These are just some of the changes that most expect along with the changes in the video feature of Twitter.
• Pre-roll ads. This is perfect for content creators and publishers to increase their reach and get opportunities of getting more followers. With increased followers, businesses get more opportunities of getting more conversions. Once followers’ loyalties are gained, you can be sure that more people will listen and receive your videos’ messages. What you need is a relevant and highly interesting content. This is what will set you apart from other conventional video advertisements. Touch on human interest. These are videos that netizens do not mind watching. Such videos get shared often too.
• Finding Video. Some Twitter users, as information-hungry as they are, usually get in the mood for watching videos. In such cases, a video finding tool would come in handy. This is another expected additional feature along with Twitter’s longer videos. This will even out the competition among paying and non-paying content creators. Businesses have the same opportunity to get their videos viewed depending upon the preferences and interests of the specific Twitter user. Similar to video suggestions of Facebook, this feature will be convenient for Twitter users and beneficial for content creators and publishers.
In case you haven’t noticed, the flow of Twitter changes has been fast-paced. The previous months witnessed major milestones which include polls, GIF reactions, broadcasts, and shares. It just shows that no one can just write Twitter off where marketing is concerned.
Other significant changes that Twitter users can expect are freeing character slots for replies, for retweets, for different kinds of file attachment, and mentions. This way, Twitter users can express more. This is definitely great news for marketers who will surely embrace these changes and take full advantage of it. With certainty, Twitter will find and implement more improvement while staying true to its uniqueness.

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