What to Expect In the SEO Industry 2019?

SEO is one of the most common words that are being used in the online world. If you are new to this world, then no problem, I will let you know what SEO is, how it can improve your website, latest trends, and so on. All you need is to read this whole guide to have an in-depth analysis of SEO and its different aspects.

What is SEO?

SEO or in other words, Search Engine Optimization is a name of the specific activity that is done to improve the ranking of your website in search engines.
When a person searches for a specific term, Google only shows those links to pages that it considers are most relevant and authoritative. However, the authority of a website is measured by strong analysis of quality links from other web pages. So, in simple words we can say, your blog pages have the potential to rank in Google only if they are linked to other authoritative web pages.
But the question is how to encourage people to link to your website’s pages? Well, it is not that much difficult as it may seem. “Great Content is what encourage people to link to your website pages.” If your pages are interesting and authoritative, then surely, Search Engine would give it importance. And if Google is giving you importance, there are bright chances of your ranking in search results. It is just that simple!
Here is a list of simple steps that can help you to get better search engine ranking:-
• Write engaging, interesting, and useful content that uses words or phrases that people mostly search for the products or services.
• Secondly, make it easier for the audience to share your content or link to it.
• Third and the continuous step is; keep doing it.
But here is another essential aspect of SEO and that is link building. It plays an imperative role in the overall effectiveness of your SEO. In simple words, we can say link building is the core of SEO, and without it, you can’t achieve your goal.

How Do I get Links?

However, the question arises here; how do I get Links? So, here is the little explanation of how to get links.
As we know links are essential; however, you don’t need to confuse quality with quantity. Even thou you don’t need to think that these links are in isolation from your content. The thing that you need to know is an excellent content is a key to quality links. Yes, if your content is 100% informative and up to mark, then chances of securing natural links from the quality relevant pages wouldn’t be a challenging task for you.
What to expect in the SEO Industry 2019?
As 2018 is going to end in a few months, so to look to the future to see the latest SEO trends 2019 is of great importance. However, in the coming year, we can analyze a great revolutionary change in the SEO trends from voice search to blockchain. So, here is a list of SEO trends that can help to answer the question: what to expect in the SEO Industry 2019?
These are some predictions about the SEO industry 2019 that you may need to know:-
SEO & Voice Search:
Well, this factor is the most highlighted factor in the coming days of SEO. According to 1/3 of SEO experts, voice search will gain much fame and will be in priorities in SEO trends for 2019.
As we all know, now people like to search for answers with the Siri, Alexa, and other electronic personal applications and device. People are now shifting their way of search specific terms into the form of questions. Like, where to find best wedding suit? Or what is the nearest car wash shop? Etc.
So, now companies are investing their resources in finding such solutions that can help them to answer those questions of people and to solve the problems. To address the issues of people, websites, sales copy, etc. could make a big difference. If the aim of your site is always to help the users, then you can get your website optimized. According to Research, those brands or companies that work to cater to the user experience can help them to gain authority and reputation in the eye of the public.
So, Voice Search should be your next aim as the patterns of searches are going to change in the coming days.
SEO & Mobile Focus:
Well, it is not a new factor in the SEO but still is of great importance and would be for years. The reason for this is simple. People are now mobile savvy, and they like to get everything single click away. Almost 10% of experts believe that mobile will continue to dominate the online world. People want to use mobile phones to conduct most of their search than desktop, so now it is crucial for you to bring innovation to your services as well.
It is essential for your website to be mobile-friendly. If the site is not friendly, don’t think to rank high in such a fierce competition where everyone is competing to get a higher rank. So, the mobile focus is at the second in the latest Trends in SEO 2019.
The next in our list is Blockchain. Almost 10% of experts believe that blockchain is going to dominate the world of SEO and the way SEOs interact with websites regarding technical changes.
The blockchain is one of those trends that is much complicated for the people to grasp; however, it will surely be revolutionary in the next years. You will be familiar with blockchain if you have heard about Bitcoin and other E-currencies. These are considered as the secure and incorruptible unit of currency. The blockchain is the technology environment which allows you to have such kinds of transactions.
However, blockchain is a term that gives Goosebumps to some companies. The reason is transparency that will hurt the salesman as it will put the consumers on the same level as corporations and agencies.
But the question is how it will impact SEO?

Google will not hold power and the authority in the same way as they do in the present time. For example, Google Adsense campaigns are still working, and the reason behind is; the web pages that host ad for different companies related to industry wish to do business more securely and only with authentic companies and so the people pay to display ads just want to connect with Google so that it can connect with appropriate sources. However, with the introduction of the blockchain, now people will have more security guaranteed and so they likely to do business more directly.
Moreover, blockchain will also overcome the risk of click fraud. Well, this is right, because bots do more than half of the internet traffic and the clicking. However, it not only cost businesses a lot of money but also damages in the long run. While on the other hand, Blockchain first verifies the people and then go for further steps.
Amazon Search Optimization (AMSO):
Well, AMSO is going to be trending in the coming years according to 7% of the experts. And there is a reason for it. Amazon is no offering an opportunity to the people to directly search for the terms that they want to buy. Indirectly, it is competing with big search engines, like Google, and Bing, etc.
Now the people can search for the different products like food, clothes, gift, etc. directly by typing in the Amazon search bar. People can have thousands of results and can find numberless reviews about a particular product. However, that’s mean now keywords, and product description optimization has become crucial for every seller to rank higher.

How Big Is the Seo Industry?

Well, this one is the most interesting question, and the answer is also interesting. Let’s find out in detail how big the SEO industry is.
• As we have already discussed above that SEO is an activity that is used to increase the website search rank in different search engines. However, visibility can be paid and unpaid (It depends).
• Here are some most interesting facts that you need to know about the SEO industry.
• There are almost 823 million websites index on Google that have the term “SEO.”
• While talking about YouTube, 164,000 videos based on SEO.
• Every second almost 3.5 people look for SEO on the internet. So, that’s mean approx. 9.1 million people are interested in SEO every month.
• The country that searches most SEO is American and so 2.24 million people there every month look for the term SEO in which 52% are men and 46% are women.
• The top terms that are being searched on google regarding SEO are; SEO company, SEO services, and SEO tools.
• However, California is the #1 City in the USA that search SEO on a frequent basis.
• Well, another surprising fact about SEO is this word is searched a lot in March and the day of the week is Thursday when people like to search for SEO more frequent than any other days of the week.
• There are top 10 nations who have a great interest in SEO and use these terms in the content, and these are:
• India
• Pakistan
• Philippines
• United States
• Canada
• Indonesia
• United Kingdom
• Netherlands
• Australia
• Germany
• Do you know that almost 2, 48000 Tweets on Twitter are twitted related to SEO each month?
• There are 13 million blog posts with the name SEO over the internet, and almost 2696 books are available on SEO at Amazon.
So, these are some of the most interesting facts that are explaining how big the SEO industry is. You can have a great idea about the diversity of SEO business.
Seo industry market size
Well, there is no definite answer to this question, but the SEO industry worth is approx. $65 billion and so you can estimate the SEO industry market size. But the question is, does this growth of SEO have a full stop?
Well, according to the estimate of Borrell Associates, The SEO industry will continue to grow no matters what. However, an estimated growth rate of SEO Industry by 2018 is $72 and $79 billion by 2020. Through this, we can estimate the actual SEO industry value for the coming years as well.
So, we can predict from all these estimations that SEO has grown and will continue to grow no matters what. According to a recent survey of 357 marketers found that almost 90% plan to increase their SEO budget and will keep it over the next coming years. So, is there anything that will stop SEO from growing? Then I would say no, there is nothing that could stop it.
However, let’s find out the reason behind its growth to have a better answer to this query.
Increasing Users Through Searches:
In the coming years, people will see a drastic increase in the number of searches per user and this will continue to grow in the future. Technology has revolutionized, and now everything depends on speed and convenience. So, according to predictions, it is believed that technologies would be faster and convenient than past that will enable the users to use the search option.
More Users Through SEO:
Thanks to technologies that made it possible for the users to have the simple search options. Means that a user can search for anything, anywhere and anytime. It is all due to the internet availability, as due to its availability people are now becoming more technology savvy, and this is increase the number of search users. However, you can also expect the availability of universal internet in the coming days, and it is all due to Google, Facebook, and other big companies who have made it possible for the users.
With the advanced technologies, there will be self-driving cars that will compensate the users to have free time to perform a search at times.
More options for search visibility:
There will be many other options available for the users apart from Google and Bing. The alternative search engine will continue to grow, and the highlighted names are YouTube, Amazon and some others. These platforms enable the users to search for the items online as well as offline. So, that’s mean in the coming years; we will have more search engines in the form of other platforms.
The decrease in Traditional Ads:
Well, there would be a drastic decrease in the power of traditional ads. As we all know, the old methods of advertising have been dying for a long time and will continue to do so. This will force the businesses that depend on traditional ads will have no choice but to shift their ad patterns to inbound marketing campaigns in the online world.
Increasing SEO sophistication:
People are now becoming more aware of SEO term than ever before and so are getting better at creating SEO campaigns. The days had gone when we liked to use keyword stuffing and cheap link building to create an online presence. As now the strategy has got changed, and so content development and publication are at peak. Along with that, users now have more access to more data than ever have had, and thus this availability increases our capacity to grow higher.
The last question is: Can anybody stop SEO Growth? If yes, then what is it? Let’s find out!
Few people believe that the SEO industry will vanish or fade up in few coming years. However, there is very little proof that it will happen. So, let’s find out one what few things you may need to keep an eye on:
High Competition:
Have you ever think that if SEO is keeping growing then so competition is getting higher and everyone is doing SEO. So, do you think it will be as effective in the future as it is now? Might be some step that we take today, will be vanished by some new ones. Those companies that are executing SEO will be left behind, and those who will keep practicing it will be at the top.
Changing Patterns of SEO search:
However, with the changing patterns of SEO search, now it becomes challenging to understand what works for SEO and what not. All we can say, there would be new things that will replace the old ones, but SEO would not die.
So, you don’t need to worry if you are operating in SEO business or want to start SEO for your website. Because one thing is clear and that is it is not going to fade out, but there will be changes that will affect the patterns of searches.

Seo Industry Statistics

Being a part of inbound marketing, I am sure there is a bundle of questions in your mind related to SEO. As we all know SEO is continuously changing term and marketers, have to keep them updated all the time to deal with the ever-changing algorithms of Google. However, it is impossible for someone to keep up with all the latest trends. But one thing is clear and is not going to change that is buyer persona-finding you through search results.
Thus you have an opportunity; it becomes difficult to give priority to one update and to neglect other. But you don’t need to fry your brain with all these updates as we have piled up a list of the latest SEO industry Statistics that can help you to design your SEO marketing strategies accordingly.
The only thing that you need to know is to google works like gatekeeper and SEO opens the door. If you are the part of vast SEO world, then here are most important stats to back them up.

The Top SEO Industry Statistics

• Ranking:
Well, this factor is crystal clear if you want to get traffic in search engines. However, according to different surveys, it has been proven that no doubt Yahoo and Bing Ranking is good, but to keep yourself high, you may need to target people out there. Those companies who are on Google are no doubt getting more business as compared to other companies.
The best way to observe your website ranking is to use Google Search Console to understand how people are getting to your site through these google searches. This way you can observe your weaknesses and work on them.
Google receives 63,000 searches per second:
Your buyers are on the internet to buy anything. So, it is important to feel them like they are in control of the buying process and everything is available at a single click away. Remember, the time that is going is of technology, and so you require to keep your site up-to-date accordingly. Your only focus should be on increasing Online Presence.
50% of quires are based on four words:
Keyword research, optimization and use them in content both three terms have different meanings, functions and so goals. If someone is searching for something, it is not like he or she is searching for something very simple-yet there are searching for a particular item which we can say long-tail keywords. So, you need to optimize your content accordingly. There is a big difference between SEO, what SEO is and how to do SEO in a better way.
Mobiles have replaced Desktops:
One thing is clear, and that is coming age is the age of technology, and there would be nothing like that we have now. That’s mean people like to search for things they need on the internet. Thus, this has changed the mind level of customers, and now they want to have everything at a single click. So, it is necessary for your website to be mobile-friendly. Along with that, it should not be one size fixed but should be responsive to different formats for mobiles.
Great Content and Link Building:
Great content was always in the play and so now. It is essential to have high-quality content on your website with appropriate information to gain more traffic and ranking in search engines. All you need is to focus on quality, not on quality. This help the users to find the useful content on your website which drives them back to your site. Once you get succeed, it is necessary to force those authority users to create a link back to your website.
A length-average index Word Count is 1,800:
It is a simple and straightforward algorithm of, and that is if your content is more than 1800 words, then it could rank higher in the search results. So, all you need is to write quality content and to make it the best that you can have.
SEO for businesses:
We know digital marketing companies are growing and so the patterns of SEO search results. Thus in this fierce competition, it is essential to be one step ahead of your competitors, and for this, you always need to keep yourself updated with the latest digital strategy 2018.
Local Searches have increased:
If your business is all about local business and revenue comes from local traffic or limited service area, then it is important to use right local SEO tactics. You surely don’t need to put a lot of content like blogs and websites. However, your site surely should have appropriate registries and information should be up to date.
So, this is all about SEO, its trends and importance. I hope this article will work for you and you will help you get ready in the SEO Industry in 2019.

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