Where is SEO Going

SEO is moving towards being more social based than technical. Around three years ago SEO was all about getting links, and links are still important. But case studies and our experience has shown that social signals such as facebook shares, likes and tweets are now part of the equation. And because of this, content (articles, videos, infographics, podcasts, etc) are very important.

The Content must provide value and possibly entertaining to the target market. If the content is promoted the right way, this can result in high quality traffic to the website. The search engine notices this and rewards sites with even more traffic.

This is how Industry Army Marketing can make a difference in SEO for your company site. We can provide your target markets with what they want. With SEO content writers that look for trends and articles that can interest readers in any topic. We will also add links and you will have a website that will be receiving traffic for years to come.

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