What is Anchor text –

Anchor text is term for hyperlinked text, being that it is the anchor to the link. Anchor text is prevalent because SEO’s found that it helps enhance rankings because it acts like a vote for your website from another site. While it’s good to optimize anchor text internally through your post’s optimizing anchor text. Best practice is to keep anchor text to one per article or press-releases. Let’s say we want to promote our SEO Blog Directory using anchor text. We might say something like this. List your blog on the top do-follow blog directory. Using anchore text it would look like this(<a href=”http://seoblogdirectory.com” target=”_blank”>top do-follow blog directory</a>). List your blog on the top do-follow blog directory. But don’t let this scare you if you are using a wordpress platform it has easy one touch buttons in place to make it all work for you very easily.

Title tag – A title tag, or page title is a tag in the .html denoted by <title>. The title tag represents the page’s main topic. Title tags tell both Google and internet users how to identify what your pages are about. Use title tags to entice readers into your page. Keep your titles relevant and unique for each page. Again all this can be done through a plugin like All In One SEO. Keep this to 70 characters.

Meta description – A meta description is another .html tag, and it’s purpose is to describe the page. Make sure to keep a theme of your title tag and your anchore text on each page. Just as in your title tags, it’s important to have unique, relevant descriptions for each page. And this is the gateway into your page, so make sure it has a catch to bring in clients to your product or service. Keep this to 140- 160 characters.

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