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In the struggle for who will occupy the first page of search engine, we all know that measurement is the key to success. You certainly need a system to know if all the hard works you are putting in is paying off. John Mueller shocked the SEO experts and enthusiasts in 2013 when he announced that Google would no longer be updating Toolbar PageRank, which before then has been one of the most popular tools that serves as metrics for Google ranking based on value.
With the announcement, experts in the SEO industry braced themselves for big changes on the horizon. And true to the announcement, no update has been made to this once popular tool since then. So, the race for replacement began. As a result of this, other big SEO firms start making their own version of measuring the value, health and performance of their site. SEOMoz’s MozRank showed a real promise as the go-to measurement of value tool for websites. That was before Majestic SEO announced two new link metrics; Trust Flow and Citation Flow for measuring the value and perceived quality of a domain, sub-domain and page.
You see, Google and other search engine needs a way to judge websites based on many aspect and rank them accordingly. So far, the best metric use by Google is links from external source. Google see these backlinks as a vote of confidence and monitor them to try and gain understanding of the value they are passing to the site. This in any way does not suggest that Google are not making use of quality contents or social shares as ranking metric.
How Trust Flow does comes in? In order to see how Trust flow matter in Google ranking, we need to understand what Trust Flow is all about?

What is Trust Flow?

Trust Flow is a metric created by Majestic SEO, a site that deals on SEO tools to categorize domains, pages, sub-domains based on the topic or proximity to the overall topic. It is a metric that determines the quality of a site based on its links with other site in its niche. Basically, Trust Flow allows the user to see at a glance if a website is relevant in the niche it’s in or not.

Why does Trust Flow matter for Google Ranking?

Nowadays, when Google is indexing a site, it is also considering the topic of the site. The more Google knows of the areas where the site is getting its links; the better off it will be for Google in determining how well the site will show up on searches.
Basically, Trust Flow shows you the link from within the trusted neighborhoods which are more valuable and trustworthy than links from spammy neighborhoods.
To make it simple for you, if your site is about technology, you want to make sure your website is linking to other high-quality technology websites. According to Majestic SEO, building thousands of backlinks to your money site won’t matter much in value if they are not coming from trustworthy sites. One single link from an authority site or .gov site will be much more valuable than all the links from spammy site.
What Trust Flow does is to give you insight to where the link to and from the site are coming from and allow you to know how relevant the site is in the grander scheme of things.
If you want to build quality backlinks, it is important that you use Trust Flow to identify opportunities relevant to your nice.

Does Google use Trust Flow in Ranking?

Not really. Bear in mind that Trust Flow is not a Google Used Metric. Trust Flow helps you to build your backlinks in line with the growing trend which Google uses. Since it isn’t a Google used metric, Google doesn’t care about it. It is simply a tool to guide you in building quality backlinks that Google will use to rank you better. Before you write Trust Flow off, you should know that actions that improve your Trust Flow will also help you to improve your search engine ranking more than actions that improve the defunct PageRank or Domain Authority.
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