Identify your Niche, and know your market. So many people jump into something without first doing the research. Utilize online sources and tools to-wit:

Google Search
Google Trends
Google Keyword Tool
Google Alerts

As with any market, You’re looking for buyers, not subscribers. Pick your niche from your experiences, strengths, and passions. You want to present yourself as an expert in your field. Choose the niche and check the competition, a good niche is one that has ready available products that “Solve” the customers pain.

When searching for a customer market, be sure to utilize the search results in the upper left hand corner (results). A good market has people searching for whatever products fit that category, and there are less than 400,000 search results.

Put yourself in the customers position, not the sellers, and utilize phrases a customer would use to search for their solution to their pain. Always focus on benefits, not “Features”.

Also, make sure people are actually buying in that market. Utilizing the above tools, come up with long-tail keywords from a buyers stand point. Setup Google alerts for each, and actually go to each link that is emailed from those alerts to see what the prospective customer is wanting.

Look for their “Pain” then find solutions that you can market as an affiliate, OR, create solutions, or outsource the development of those solutions.

If you just throw up a product page without first researching your target audience, chances are you won’t make a dime.

So the summary here is “Do your research and identify the client’s needs, then find or create a sell-able solution in a low competition environment”, and you should do very well, if you have done your homework.

Only then, can you start to market it.

Market it with Social Media, from completed professional profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter, Maven, Skils, Klout, Hubspot, Squidoo, Stumbleupon, Technorati,
and other available Social Sites.

Also setup a professional looking WordPress Blog on your own domain (blogs are easy to index and there are a host of WP Plugins that aid in on page and off page seo.

Also most likely, in your research and from your delivered Google Alerts, you’ll find question sites and forums where these people are expressing their pains that you’re providing the “Fix”, so be sure to interact with each one (these are prospective clients) but be careful not to market to them directly there.

Interact with them and give advice, and in your signature, have a link back to your actual sales page. The more quality posts you make everywhere, then the more targeted “Buyer” traffic you’ll generate to your site.

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