How Does SSL Work With SEO

Before learning the technique of using SSL for SEO it is necessary to have information about SSL.
What is SSL?
SSL stands for Social Security Layer and it is all about providing secure connection between server and client. For a website client is one who is requesting the website and server is where it is deployed and server handles the clients request for accessing website.
In simple words when you do any query to server SSL provide secure connection between client and server for transferring of data.
Search Engines like Google now change their policies and they announce giving boost to the SEO of websites having SSL on websites.
Now SEO using SSL is to improve the search query results so that whenever user search special keyword your website will be shown in top ten results (Grow visibility).
How SSL Works?
Following are the brief working steps of SSL
•    You visit the website having SSL.
•    Your browser send request for website to Server.
•    Server sends copy of SSL certificate.
•    Browser check through certificate that is it trust worthy website?
•    Browser send reply to server.
•    Server send acknowledgement.
•    Now information transfer between both server and client are encrypted.
Types of SSL?
Before understanding the working of SSL technique for SEO let’s see the brief information about types of SSL
Extended Validation (EV)
Inspecting organization and checking right to use certain domain name.
Organizational Validation (OV)
Displaying the information regarding organization to the users by doing inspection of the organization.
Domain Validation (DV)
Only encryption information is displayed to customers.

How SSL help in boosting Search Engine Visibility of website?
One of the key factor for using SSL for SEO is changing in the policies of the search engines like Google that they boost the SEO of sites having SSL encryption.
•    Providing Security using SSL
By providing security it provide secure experience to user and make them use your website again and eventually result in increasing visibility of your website.

Do SSL is only for websites which needs security?
Answer is NO. It is misconception that SSL is only for the websites having sensitive credential data like banking sites or sites having money transfer system.
You can use SSL for simple websites too for increasing the trust and experience of user for using your website and SEO is its side benefit too.
Although SSL has little direct effect on Search Engine Optimization of your website but it has many indirect effects which will provide you benefit for using it.

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